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RE: The Writing Is On The Wall, Mass Adoption Is Right Around The Corner.

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Always I am skeptical I look back at e-commerce, social media, smartphones, and so on. That all happens so fast and nobody can't imagine a world without it.

Younger generations value today's date digital goods ( way more than older ones). So it's IMO only a matter of time for mass adoption.

The only question is, will it be a decentralized option or centralized like "china crypto", facebook money, amazon/google/apple cash, and so on.

On a timescale, I would say we are still in the early childhood of crypto. Things can speed up super fast from one day to another.

Shot, I agree with you :D

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No doubt, this is one of my biggest fears also. On top of that people "normies" "mainstream" seem to gravitate towards names like Facebook, Google and Apple with no concern for privacy or decentralization. I'm hoping people have enough common sense to choose wisely but I'm skeptical of that as well.

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