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look #hive. Before you get purged in web 2.0. . There nobody can sensor you and you are the only person that can change any content on your account. #freedom

@Snowden I would rather be without a state than without a voice.

there are some out. We need a decentralized internet with no masters that can censor us. Freespeech is the most powerful tool we have as humans

They are looking for new platforms. Is time for marketing. Its Time for Hive. There are many more.

From Computer nerds to politics to alternative users. They want the freedom of speech.

Besides that, hive can be much more.

I have now over 2000 Tweets about hive. Together we can get attention.

Mission attention:

Share links from people that looking for Web 2.0 alternatives.

Comment and like the shares from other Hive user.

Will this boost hive? Maybe not. But it is important to get the first point of touch.

Also share with these people relevant content that's already on hive, to show them the platform is not empty.

Like always #Hive on!!!

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Will this boost hive? Maybe not

We have to keep telling people about HIVE. Someone somewhere waiting to pump the price of HIVE

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That's true. But is like telling people about bitcoin 10 years ago :) I think it needs time. :) Even decentralized maniacs don't understand what hive can be.

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