Are you ready for Bull run?

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  1. Are you feeling ready if tomorrow would start a Bullrun?

  2. You already own all coins you believe there are good?

  3. What's your plan for the run?

  4. Do you think in 2020 we will see some bull run?

My answers:

  1. sure
  2. For a Bullrun, yes, but there are some I would add midd term.
  3. let profits run baby.
  4. I don't think but who knows.

What are your answers? Do I miss some important questions? Tell me :)

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Question you missed:

Are you in a position to make “life
Changing money” if a bull run gets here?

I have done the math, I think I need a few cycles of bulls and bears to reach “life changing money” levels.

But I have enough to buy some nice shoes 👠 and maybe buy some new stuff for my house.

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Life-changing money is for everyone different.

A little tip, don't waste after bull your money on shoes or other consume stuff. Investments need time and patient, even in crypto.

Take your time and build up your positions. Money comes in a long run always to the patient.

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I agree and disagree.

I agree because you should keep as much possible in your investments.

And I disagree because if you don't let yourself enjoy your earnings every once in a while, than what's the point?

Depends on a personal goal + timeframe. But there is no right and wrong.

If you want to maximize wealth, you should not but stuff that loses a lot of value/time.

In general, I would say, do what makes you the happiest longterm :)

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I think it's very obvious that at least 90% of the people around here are not ready for a bull run. Even if the price of everything is going up there will be a lot of fear regarding when to sell and if it's safe to buy more.

True and I agree fully. Trading without a plan/goal can be really dangerous. It ends often in phantom pain + FOMO for most people :)

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