TRUMP Biden or BTC?

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TRUMP Biden or BTC does the title of my post baffle you?
What if BTC was a Presidential candidate?
I guess it would win hands down
I would cast my vote in its favor and a lot of crypto supporters would do the same as well.

Why support BTC

  • It is decentralized
  • It is transparent
  • It is a currency that works across borders
    So no matter what our leaders and politicians say you do not get withheld within the geographical boundaries of a city region or country.
    Politicians promise us a lot some of which are promises fulfilled and some are not.

Does a Bitcoin offer better promise for the future?

The bitcoin is based on a open ledger architecture.
A network of nodes makes the BTC network operational and functional. In terms of demography the nodes are distributed around the world and it is not easy to take down the network.
Any one with a computer and a network connection can run a node and support the Bitcoin network.
In terms of value it offers a better and richer valuation as compared to any fiat currency and a bright future ahead.

I wish the politicians offered as much hope and promise as BTC

Could the BTC governance model be replicated by governments?
Well it could be a dream come true.
However this would be a distant dream and we can only hope for such a thing to happen. So much transparency by a centralized governance system where all their decisions are logged on an open ledger for the citizens to review can be a mammoth proportion.
Though in the current system of things it is difficult to think that big changes in the governance model are going to happen so
a lot more realistic view wold be to hold BTC and work towards a brighter future by being more self reliant and less dependent on others.

Life is not a sport but having a sportsmen spirit helps go a long way.

The best part about sports is that it inculcates a sense of team work fair play and healthy living something which is much needed to make this world a better place to live.

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