Want some easy money? Give Pixresteemer's Dice Roller a try !

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Want some easy money?

Just head over to @pixresteemer, and give the latest dice roller an upvote. And... that's it!

Now, I don't know how exactly it works but I do know it's a nice money generator as I have won about half the times I have participated. Usually I give a 50 % upvote which is worth about 50ish cents.

And here's a screenshot of my latest winnings:

Not bad. Not bad at all! And don't forget, I am also earning rewards from the curation itself! There's literally no way you can lose money with this!

Here's the most recent post if you want to give it a try. There are still a few hours left to participate!

P.S.: To my understanding, the only limitation for the game is that your upvote must be at least 0.001$ worth and it must be casted after the 5th minute.

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Gave an upvote. We will see what happens.

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Hope the first time is the charm! Here are the stats of the game, will give you an idea what to expect! https://hive.blog/hive-174122/@pixresteemer/dice-roller-stats-2020-08-27

You already did it before...but feel free to do it daily 😉
See you in the mancave as soon as I have some more free time...

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I just learned that I'm the second most lucky person in the world :-)

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I guess I'll make your blog my home, you're always dropping new ways to make quick cash. Thanks for the info!

Haha, be my guest XD

Thanks for the free publicity! 😉

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Thank you!

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You are welcome!

@trumpman, You always come up with great ideas to make free money!