Trumpman's Treasury #11 - Silver Kennedy Half Dollar (1964)

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Today I have for you what is probably my favorite foreign silver coin! A Kennedy Half Dollar, minted in 1964. These coins started to be made in 1964 as a memorial for his assassination and various versions have been minted since then.  Later versions have less silver, or are made of other metals like copper and gold.

The one I have in my possession is the first generation, made of 0.900  silver and has a weight of  12.5 g. It's also quite big, with a diameter of 30.61 mm. 

It's nice. It's shiny. It's big. It has a great guy on it. It looks and feels like a real coin, unlike the shitty euros we have in my country:

The other side also looks pretty cool, featuring the presidential seal of the United States. Imo, anything with an eagle looks badass, and the presidential seal is no exception!

As I told you, this is one of my favorite silver coins and what's even better is that I didn't pay a single cent for it. I just stumbled on the pavement one day, which is highly unlikely since I live in Greece..LOL. Some poor fuck lost it, but at least its new owner is someone who really appreciates it XD

Anyways, that's today's treasure! You can visit wikipedia and numista to learn more about the Kennedy half dollars! 

Here are some more photos until we meet in the next treasure!

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All photo's by me, shot with Moto G8+ Plus, not free for reuse. Please contact me first. Or just be an asshole and steal them anyways. It's not like I am gonna sue you. Troll and piggy bank provided by my wife, @ruth-girl.

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Thanks for sharing, Yes, I remember when real Silver Money circulated. Half Dollars were very popular back then. Getting them in change was common. Children could go to the movie theater, get a box of popcorn and a drink with one Half Dollar, back then. Finding one would really make most anyone's day. They were good-old-days. Thanks for creating the memory, Trumpman.

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These are pretty lovely coins, 1964 minted? So of I may ask how long will it stay away from rust? Like I mean it might rust under terrible conditions right?

silver doesn't rust :)

Really? My! I didn't know that

It does look great. It seems much more "manly" compared to the euro haha.

Also, you definitely are lucky lol. Finding that in Greece on the pavement.

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A lucky score! Probably some dumb tourist, lol


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It is unusual that this is the first time for me to encounter your article, @trumpman. Hmmmm.... I wonder why! I love US Constitutional coins. MY favorites are the silver half dollar coins. I love the Walkers, Franklins and of course the JFK halves. Thanks for showing the beauty of this coin. Perusing your listed past articles, it looks ie you have quite a treasure and an impressive collection of coins from all over the world. I am not a collector, but I stack silver and gold. Looking forward to your future articles. I just followed you, @trmpman. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

These are pretty coins worth calling one's favourite

You say something with the Euros and I can only agree, we could have to quit on this currency from the beginning, but as a simple people we never had the possibility to do anything against the introduction.

I wish I had saved some old DM to present them here, but as we can see from your contributions, it is still possible to find one or the other treasure if you are lucky enough. :)