The Two Types Of Traders!

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I just love how pretty much everything becomes so epic with the theme of interstellar XD

Just make sure to watch the video to the end and comment which type of trader you are !

Oh yeah, got myself 100 BRO hive tokens today for 300 hive. So far I am quite happy with how my three other HE investements (LEO, Dcity & CBM) are going, so hopefully this one will go well too! I missed the chance to buy SPI while they were still cheap and BRO seems to be similar in how it works so I figured to get in early in this train and not regret it later.

Feel free to visit to learn more about them and maybe buy a couple if you like what you see!

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I'm hardly a trader, the risk alone makes me stay on hold, plus o haven't even got the money as well. I heard a lot about Nasdaq.
I've heard about BRO but I was still making my research just like I did before buying into leo.
Congratulations though I hope to have the cash to buy as well soon

Yeah, I don't know much about BRO I just followed the flow as I saw some familiar names getting tokens too. It was more of a gamble to be honest, Hopefully it will pay of in the long term :D

Money go beep-boop. Today a lot of green bars. 😁 Great video, great soundtrack. I am also trying to learn and understand the HiveEngine tokens and stuff now. Thanks for sharing.

You should definitely look into leo then! You don't even need to buy some, just start posting through to start earning some tokens! Just make sure it's related to finance, here are some ideas:

The term 'Trader' cracks me up.

It just makes 'gambler' sound more respectable and legitimate .

hehe, well, some do make a killing even during the bear market so I'd say for some the title is legitimate!