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Yesterday night I was a bit bored so I figured to chill with some netflix. Since I am not in pedo shit (cuties) after some browsing I decided to go for the Social Dillema documentary.

The documentary explores how all the big social media companies exploit the weaknesses of human nature to get users addicted to make some (well, a lot!) sweet moneyz. The presentation is primarily made through ex google/facebook/etc employees that actually spearheaded many important project behind the social media of today. Employees that in most cases had good intentions..

The documentary takes some other angles too, like how the young generation is getting mentally fucked from all that social media noise outthere.

Some of the stuff shown wasn't new to me while others were. And it definitely helped me see a larger picture and make certain things simply "clicked". Surprisingly, I found it well balanced from a political perspective, as usually netflix shit range from mildly leftist all the way to..pedo material.  

I will give it an 8/10. Not a must watch, but very good for killing some time! And to get a better insight into how big tech companies make money out of your personal date. And one you should definitely recommend to your friends and family that can't live without their phones!

Here's the trailer:

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Ok, perhaps i'll take a pause from watching Heartland (highly recommended series on Netflix) and watch Social Dilemma then. Thanks for the recomendation.

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I was watching "Cobra Kai" but I'll do a small pause and check out this one today before I go to bed! Thanks for the recommendation @trumpman!

Hope I can learn a thing or two.

lol ... just finished watching it.
Its interesting when you hear from the people behind it :)
We all knew that already.

It was a wakeup call for me.
Ok everybody knows that we overdo with social media but getting all this people speaking about what meetings in this company looks like and how many minds feed the machines to control us more so we can be better customers ... well ..
Thank god I switched my free time on Hive and Leo

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