Shill me some moon tickets!



It's that time again that I am out looking for micro cap coins that are cheap but have a lot of potential. I have approximately 400 $ worth of btc to gamble on some moon tickets.

Ideally, they must not yet be listed on coinmarketcap. Also, the more decentralized they are, the better!

The last time I made one of these posts, if I remember correctly, I shilled you the following microcaps:

  • BSOV, which had a price of 1 cent and was not listed on cmc. Today, it has a price of about 5 cents, it has been listed on cmc, has been added on a couple more exchanges like mercatox and its in discussions with bittrex for a possible listing! Not bad! Honestly, I wont be surprised to see it at 10 $ in a couple of years from now. The team takes slow but calculated steps.
  • SORA, which had no price and small amounts were airdropped to the users of the app. Today it's on CMC and has a price of 2 dollars. Not bad.
  • Another project which more or less hasn't seen much price movement but I don't feel comfortable mentioning anymore cause of certain shady practises by devs. I am still hodling it though as I think it can see a good pump sometime in the future. When and if it does I will dump everything and forget it ever existed. DM me on discord if you would like more info

Overall, I think I did well at my shilling the past year or so. And let's not forget about LEO, my favorite hive tribe, which I have been shilling almost daily, LOL. Today it sits at 0.2 hive a piece and judging by the traffic statistics, the future looks promising!

Unfortunately, other than the above, I have no new microcap projects to shill you today.

So yeah, shill me some moon microcap tickets, and if you aren't lazy tell me why I should invest on them. I will do my personal research regardless but it's always good to hear a honest opinion.

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