And the shitcoin of the day is...

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The only coin to be endorsed by Joe Rogan! Well short of.. according to the dev the endorsement is pending but just around the corner as his uncle is best buddies with Joe or something:

. I know Joe Rogan. I mean, not really, but he knows my uncle. They went to school together and worked at a landscaping company. My uncle told Joe that I do crypto coins and Joe thinks it’s wicked sick, apparently. In fact, Joe (Joe Rogan, I call him Joe cause we’re friendly haha) was so impressed that he said he would like to endorse this coin on his podcast with over 20 million listeners! Isn’t that wild? He will be doing it soon I think.

In other words, you should buy this because "trust me bro". Sounds legit! 🤣

Gamble at your own risk at

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full degen

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Its the new Bitcoin!

"In other words, you should buy this because "trust me bro". Sounds legit"

Lol this part really cracked me up

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It's funny but true 🤣

Yeah it is truly

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 60 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

How many of these coins are you creating yourself, just to have something to write about here??

Lel. Actually there's A LOT of new shit coming out every day. I just feature the shiniest turd

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Shiny turd syndrome, perfect!

I feel like these shitcoins you present keep getting worse.

Well they can claim all they want but unless I see the actually endorsement, its a shitcoin.

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You already have a whole library dedicated to this topic hahahahahaYou already have a whole library dedicated to this topic hahahahaha

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Most of these shitcoins lack imagination. I think if I rubbed my two remaining brain cells together vigorously I could come up with a turd coin that was actually funny instead of these lame tries at milking the suckers

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Do it

Sounds like a great candidate for a YOLO Kingdom

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Lol, yeah maybe not this one it's obviously a scam and I don't know if it would look good for cub 😂



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Yet another shitcoin to totally stay away from.

Yep 🤣

Lol cant make this shit up

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