I am a BRO Dragon!

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The above purchase is something I had in mind for a couple days now and today I finally pulled the trigger and reached a total stake of 1000 bro, for which I paid 3000 hive. An amount that brings me to the top of the foodchain and qualifies me for being a "BRO Dragon".

In case you haven't heard, BRO is a hive engine token that atm pays daily dividends in hive, neoxian, palnet & leo, relatively to how big your BRO stake is. However, it's a continuous work in progress so other stuff are promised to come in the future, like daily BLURT dividends and a BRO website that will bring ad revenue in the system, so that the project doesn't solely rely on inflation.

And if you are active in the discord community there are other pros as well.. Feel free to join the discord and maybe buy a couple tokens if you like what you see. Even if you don't, it's a fun place to hang around !

By the way, this is my second big investment in a hive engine token. LEO was the first one and I am not regretting it at all. And my gut feeling says that BRO will also prove to be a wise investment! Fingers crossed!

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Spent my entire life savings on one trade. Can I suck your dick sir?

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lol. I admit, that trade hurt a bit.

That's like $750, quite a lot.

Wow your brave! I bought a little bit of Bro. Paying out daily which I like :)

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holy shit BRO :D

I'm glad that i heard you about leo, but i guess i can't afford to make an investment here too at least like the one i did in leo...

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You still have two kidneys, right?

Yeah, i have a spare one.

Dump it

Which it went straight back into buying LEOM lol!

A wise choice!

Hmm, what other ways can one earn BRO tokens? :D