HIVE overtook EOS for the most popular blockchain for gaming

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I believe the post title is pretty self explanatory! Here's a link to the whole article by dappradar in case you want to give it a read! And here's a link to the corresponding tweet! Be a good hive shiller and spread it around:

I guess we have to thank @cryptobrewmaster for this win as their game is steadily rising on rankings or maybe is it some other hive game I missed?


Will this have an impact on price? I doubt it, lol. After all DeFi is what's hot these days apparently. But these small wins add up and I think eventually hive will get the recognition (and price valuation!) it deserves! Fingers crossed!

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What games on EOS?

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TRON and EOS have a ton of gambling 'gaming' apps with questionable user data.

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Prospectors (or something like that) used to be a popular Eos game. Other than that i am not much of a gamer so I can't aneer the question!

You're definitely right, DeFI is what's hot these days but it we keep unlocking these milestone then it'll matter in the long run for hive.

Many of the games published on dappradar are in non playable status or are expensive to play. Working on hive there are many games accessible (if not free)

Im used to play only free games but when you start its almost impossible to not invest at least a little. As i can see, free is a hook to invest and hive devs know it.

Also the fact that we have an "organized" community. That means users not only do traditional play. But write post, share in twitter and things like that generating "organic" advertise. Having a community behind helps a lot.

I read maby ussers saying that most of the games are going to dissapear and maybe its true in some cases but not in every project is the same as i see or i want to see

Good post, glad to hear the news

Speculative pricing ends in tears. It produces nothing. Some of these projects won’t be here in a years time. However, glad Hive is gaining some momentum.

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Happy to see this news

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I was just saying what a norank chain hive was.

Well Defi by definition is a bubble, so all we have to do is wait for it to pop, bounce back from the ensuing bad publicity, and then mass crypto-adoption should follow, once that happens, people will flock to the no.1 gaming platform.

Given that it'll be 2030 before that happens, we might even have some non-card based games by then that actually interest people.

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Given that it'll be 2030 before that happens, we might even have some non-card based games by then that actually interest people.

Ha, this.

I have some friends that play FIFA Ultimate Team religiously. It's the online version of the yearly FIFA games where you buy these player cards that make up the team you use for online play.

People spend thousands of dollars on their team, then when next year's version of FIFA comes out, they start again. Wait until people wake up that if designed right, these in-game assets could actually be worth something.

When gamers stop being naive morons, a cultural gamer mind shift will occur to expect their in game assets to retain value. Only then will the big game design companies scurry to include NFTs within their mainstream games.

For now though, it remains too profitable for them to just keep taking advantage of their customers.

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For real?

So the gaming company 'own' the cards and every season the gamers just spend thousands and then thousands for potentially the same cards (I guess with adjusted stats) the following season?

Makes that Rabona game sound very interesting!

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Fair enough, blockchain games do suck but stills there is a small audience that is interested in them. A victory is a victory, regardless how small, and I will take it any time :)