Hive has surpassed Steem on Alexa!

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Well,  it was bound to happen sooner or later. Apparently, one of these days Hive surpassed steemit in Alexa, which is probably the most popular site popular a website is!



Of course Hive is doing much better in other metrics too, a clear indication most people in steemy only care about milking Justin's dying cow

Sure, pricewise Hive isn't doing as good as we would want. And sure, there are many things that still need improvement. But hey, at least here we get one good thing after the other, almost in a daily basis. 

Like yesterday's new impression record from the posh initiative on twitter:

And this latest listing in Venezuela:


Imo, we never had so many cool things going. Posh, spliterlands, leofinance, dcity, cryptobrewmaster, blah blah blah. And the chain is just 4 months old. Imo the future is bright and I am just so glad I have a nice stake, both in hive and HE tokens!

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Hive is doing amazingly well for a forked blockchain. Every fork in the history of crypto turns out worse than the original chain.

I claimed my Hive account very recently. I have published articles on my Hive channel since then, and here is what I have noticed. I seem to get more upvotes on my articles on Hive than I did on Steemit. Hivers are quicker to respond to my posts, comments and replies on the Hive writing platform than Steemians are on Steemit. The Hive writing platform has a better search feature than the Steemit writing platform does. In other words, so far so good. Will Hive stand the test of time? It certainly does appear that way, but only time will tell. All we can really do is post quality content and let the Internet do its thing to connect us with people who are going to be interested in reading and viewing it.

Pretty quickly too!

Worth swapping my Steem for Hive, powering up.

another milestone accomplished!


Cool stats and comparison, I never thought of it but something which I believe it was expected to happen on every angle. Go Hive!!!

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Go hive!

Lol Justin Sun's dying cow? Hahaha how did you invent that? That's properly a sweet adjective for what steemit has generally become.
I know that hive hasn't generally done well related to price but then we're getting there by all means.

Oh yeah. And, I started playing Holybreads. Another cool thing that's happening on $hive :)

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go HIVE!

2020 is the year of Hive.

As I a fellow Hive Owner I take Extreme Ownership and Responsibility to push our Hive to the new limits

You guys sure are doing very well! Keep it up👍

2020 is the year of HIVE

It sure is .. I'm glad to be a part of it! Cheers!

I have more Hive right now than I have ever had Steem ... well, except when I used to game on the Steem blockchain. I haven't found equivalent games for here ... so ... haven't gotten back to my gamer crypto roots.

What games are you referring to?

I used to love kryptogamer. Not sure whether or not they are on Hive, or if they will be ... I can see my tokens though in the Hive Blockchain extension.

If you don't mind me jumping in the discussion, Of course, Kryptogamer happens to be on hive. You can access kryptogamer by using my link.
I got to discover it from a @hivebootcamphub Community post.

Do have fun while you are at it.. Cheers.

Now it's time for Leofinance to surpass Steemit in Alexa!

Thanks for the info buddy! #Hive to the moon

That's really some precious news, and I'm so happy about it! :D

Wow that's a wonderfull news for the community.

Great achievement! 👍

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Steem was a very good community, JS destroyed that community, and that community chose to come on Hive. Pretty sure that Steem will become a worthless centralized coin soon !
That's it pretty much! :)

We started plety cool shit, now it is about sustaining the cool shit.

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Then why HIVE not giving decent rewards?

Most can't get above $10 on their posts.

Steemit giving $80+ payout averages.

Steem milk titties squeezing dairy daily.
Hive honey can't feed the larvae.

Hive is actually paying out more rewards than Steem (reward payouts are a function of coin price). But the rewards are distributed more evenly among the posts, so the payouts on trending are less, despite the higher coin value.

Love how you bother to reply to the troll 😂

When are you running the beer challenge again??

HAHAHA. I am taking my work leave next week. I thing that's a good time then, deal!

👌 ok perfect

Interesting. Thanks for the input.
I can only comment on what I see on the surface. Steemit seems to have evolved into a KR love affair so the lower economic nations have aligned with Hive and those rewards I believe need a boost.

Their commitment is truly something. After all many have no hope left in their own real-world systems, and this platform is a place of promise. Fulfilling that promise could really ascend Hive into the "feel goods of mainstream" A result of such a thing, beneficial to all.

I think "evolved" is the wrong word in this case, probably degenerated is a better choice. Most of the stakeholders have sold out of Steem, which leaves most of the coins concentrated in a small number of hands. This is also focusing the rewards into the hands of a relatively few people.

I don't think it's really a Korean thing, so much as a particular group of Koreans (not really the same thing). Looking at the posts on trending, you can see it's the same people, over and over. This might make sense, if those people were devs producing work for the chain or exceptional content creators, but that's not the case.


are you able to say why you downvoted my report about my finding in Germany of this insect?

Downvoting without comment is a bad style from my point of view.

So please inform me about your reason of the downvote?



Looks like you received an upvote from @ranchorelaxo and so you became victim of crossfire.

Why is that @blocktrades?
Why must innocent people be the ones who take the L. That's why this operation is so hypocritical. @theycallmedan blows the "building community" trumpet but then you, a partner, works to destroy community (not directly but inadvertently).

These things don't exist as meaningless either. They're part of the reason why the future of this place is in danger of collapsing when options for the user present themselves. You yourself led an exodus out of steemit when tyranny threatened stability.

Surely there's another way to continue the pissing contest without hurting people who are doing exactly what you want, and ask of them.. adding their content and building their communities organically.

You're confused about my motivations for the downvotes. If you actually want to understand them, instead of just making assumptions, you can read my reply to the poster.

I'm going on a previous reply you made regarding the same action, only that time it was against @haejin.
Your words then were that you held the view that he was trying to instigate you so you were downvoting in retaliation.

Either way crossfire was the result.

There was no reply at the time of my comment but I'll proceed to read now to gain better understanding.

There's a guy called haejin who's voting with a possibly stolen account called ranchorelaxo. He randomly votes up the top trending posts with 100% strength without reading them. I have a bot setup that does a lower value downvote to counter some of his upvote, so that trending posts don't get hugely overrewarded versus other posts.

Ok well the stolen account element makes it complex. Crossfire however catches community still.

My point remains.
Surely people and their rewards need not suffer.
To you it's pennies, to the uniformed victim, it's demoralising and disenfranchising.

It's not just the stolen account element: he's randomly voting up posts at 100% strength. Other large stakeholders don't normally do this, unless it's a really good/important post, because they influence rewards too much by doing so. Instead they vote a smaller percentage.

Random 100% votes from a large stakeholder end up distributing the rewards unfairly. Maybe you're not aware of this, but every downvote distributes the downvoted rewards to other posters. Downvoting his super large random votes counters this unfair distribution. And I don't even fully counter them, I just reduce their strength some: you can see this by noting that his vote is higher on the list when you look at voters.

Now it's true that the posters are sometimes confused/upset by this, because they don't understand the system. But once I've explained it to them, most seem to get it. I do wish the vote bot I use for this allowed me to leave an explanatory message, and hopefully @howo will have some time in the future to support that feature in the tool.

I thought those two are the same person?

Yeah I just see Korean but you're right the same accounts dominate. That's the age old complaint of The Trending Page. That it never did represent the whole and the voting system served the few.

You also touched on the major issue of here then. That big money left and doesn't come. So your vision, and future development, does in a way (in my view at least) exist as the make our break for this project.

Because I completely do agree that Hive (regardless of bad history) has a frontrunner position to break out and attract enterprise and a bulk users. The ease-of-use and system stability/scalability is what I see as the missing. The world is also clearly primed for that uptake.

and who are they paying that much is real question 😂


Oh sorry didn't notice you.
I forgot to feed you.
I feel like such a bad parent.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Great news.. thanks for sharing

Does "Hive" mean here?


Rejoice! This calls for a celebration?
Shall we burn a Steemy flag for the Hive?



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Are you measuring and not right?
By the way, nice achievement!

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Serves him right for entering our neighborhood, making a mess of things, saying he is going to rule the neighborhood, and then start enforcing his laws... we just passively left (and actually made money in the process from the fork).

I would love to know if Justin ever thought this that happened was ever possible... If he ever had a moment that he thought "Maybe I shouldn't do this... they could try to fork away!"

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Well I bet he got his money back and then some so he doesn't give a shit 😂

Thank you very much for the information!

Go, Hive!

Awesome news, looks like Hive may be the ones who will have the last laugh over Justin Sun's Steemit lol 👌.

maybe bc humans are here and Justine Slug runs on sunlight and imaginary characters?

Appics is leaving steem... but sadly not coming to hive

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Milk that steemy!