Are you using the proofofbrain tag yet?

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No? Then, you lose the chance to earn some free tokens that already have some value on hive engine.


The competition in the tag is still pretty small, hence you can earn a lot of tokens and build a nice stake for free with pretty much zero effort.

Personally, I'm staking up everything..if I didn't I would have earned some extra bucks by now.

If I vote for you regularly please make sure to use the #proofofbrain tag because I am too lazy to set up an extra curation account just for it, lol 😂

As a reminder this tribe started as a silly experiment where just one account had just one token staked. There were no tokens to buy on the market or whatever and all the tokens that are created dripped from that one account. The tribe aims to have similar tokenomics with Bitcoin with a total Max circulation capped at 21 million tokens.

It will probably end up being nothing special but hey you never know. Plus it's funny concept and I like funny. Don't forget to visit the discord at for more information!

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Thanks, dear for sharing the #proofofbrain tag off lately I have been leveraging this tag and have been collecting the proofofbrain tokens.. cheers

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The proof of brain tokens are actually worth more than ctp lol :)) the ctp guys have been trying to promote ctp for ages and then the big brain token comes from nowhere and steals their thunder, pure comedy :P

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I had to see this just minutes after posting a new post on LeoFinance ... :P
Guess I can still edit it to add the tag and try it out.

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On your recommendation I got 20 for @solairitas and will now start using the tag you can upvote me. 😛


Comment 62/500

I ended up getting a few by commenting and currently got a stake of 28 so far. I just increased my multiplier since I don't specifically look for posts with the tag. This will allow me to make the most of my POB VP.

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Thanks for the heads-up here ... but, are you really saying here that you have the "Proof of Brain"?


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Yes, started using it since I read your post, so on that now :) thanks for the tip!

but 80/20 you sure that will end well?

Edit ah now I see the 21 Mill thing :)

nice :) Where I have to delegate at? How are the ratios?

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You can delegate from your wallet. The account to delegate to is this one: @proofofbrainio
The ratio of POB delegation that you will receive is 1:1 as explained in this post

whoopeee - a whole $34 volume in 24 hours ;)

Getting in early on this one is a good idea though - some tiny gains now might add up pretty good later.

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Its personally worth a try even if there's no assurance at the moment, but then its better than missing out, I hope to remember to add the tag when next I try to post

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Interesting....never seen it, never heard of it....thanks for the info...

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I jumped in early and staked up what I am earning.

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so many tags and i already use a bunch of them. Couldn't we use 15 tags :P :P

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We had to "fight" for 10.

We used to only get 5, and we only got paid from one platform - back in the cavemen days...

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Used Proof of brain tag today. Nice rewards..

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If I vote for you regularly please make sure to use the #proofofbrain tag because I am too lazy to set up an extra curation account just for it, lol

How about, if you vote for me regularly I will use the tag?

I'll first have to prove I have a brain :))

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proofofbrain it is then!

New tag will be added from next post! Thanks for the hint!

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This is another generic tag I am using thanks to you! Thanks for the info

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Went ahead and delegated some HP!

Damn it! I am always behind on things. I did see one pop up in my wallet and wasn't sure what it was. There needs to be a better information tab on the tokens with peakd

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I've bought ten of them, I guess i'm a pioneer

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What's the problem? Are 50 different accounts for each tribe too much to keep up with? XD

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That is very cool. I noticed that I had some of the tokens in my wallet the other day, but I didn't really pay too much attention to it. I am going to start using the tag now when I post. Hopefully I can earn some big fat bags! I think you upvote me, so I will have to be sure to use it just to help you out!

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Always looking for a good hashtag to earn some extra crypto! I will have to give it a try (and the new front end!)

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HIVE has more tokens then Carter has liver pills! The key I guess is to figure out which one is a good one. I like that tag #proofofbrain. Maybe I can use it without seeming to be telling an untruth?

I have a brain, but not the sharpest one!

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The tribe aims to have similar tokenomics with Bitcoin with a total Max circulation capped at 21 million tokens.

Ha you should check our vibes ;) (musicforlife tribe tokenomics)

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ProofofBrain has been my best Token by far when it comes to the generic tags you recommended, unlucky you can't BroFi it.


I am using it...thanks to you. :)

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Hello @trumpman, thanks for mentioning this tag. Discord Server link you mentioned is not working for me. It says, "link is expired or you do not have the permission to join" Could you please check and let me know how I can join in?

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First time i've heard of it. Going to start using it from now on. Thanks!

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I suck at tagging. I just choose randomly what comes into my mind and press "publish".


Hello and bye to you!

P.S. your voting-power has increased impressively, I can see it through your auto-votes.

I will try cause where there is an incentive of using tag, is good for all hive members

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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