How high could Hive rise in the future?

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I recently looked at the Hive price chart and noticed how much we have fallen since the top last year.
But it's not actually a bad thing when you've been around for a long time. On lower prices it's a bit easier to gather more Hive than when it's more expensive.

When something falls, and then rises, the percentage it could or would have to rise from the bottom is multiple times bigger. Since the price can only fall 99.99% or 100% to 0, but it could rise in theory infinitely.


Here's the example - we are currently here 0.131$ (screenshots taken yesterday on ) 83.64% down from the all time high on 29th April 2020. Today we are already a bit higher than yesterday.


But if the price would go back to the all time high (ATH), then the potential to rise is 501%. This is something that is not easy to understand at the first sight. How can you rise more than fall, well it's basic mathematics. You have to measure it and see the numbers to understand it. If a real alt season comes, I think it is not unrealistic to see Hive again at these ATH prices or even higher.



Now let's also look at the Bitcoin pair for Hive. Here the things look even worse on the downside - 96% down from ATH. This means holding Hive has not been the best idea in the past year when comparing with Bitcoin.


However things get completely different when you look to the upside in BTC. There needs to be a 3298% rise to get back up to ATH in BTC. Yes this is crazy big number, and seems a bit impossible, but this also shows, that there's a lot to grow if good conditions should arrive. This would mean 32x the value of Hive. Yes, still seems unreal, not a realistic goal, but time will tell.


Today Hive is up 19% in BTC and 8.8% in USD since yesterday, so it seems like the train or rocket is starting to leave already. Ofcourse we could still go lower for some time, but not for too long, atleast that's how I feel.

Wrapping up

The conclusion is that if you have any spare money and you are on Hive and have not bought more, then about now might be a good time to get more. Or just use your brain and make an awesome post on Hive and collect more that way.

It might be a good opportunity to get more invested into Hive if you believe in the project and platform. Thank you for your attention and let's keep developing.

PS! This is not investment advice, use your own brain and do your own research!

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With all that is taking place, we are going to see a new outlook on Hive come April or so. There is going to be a great deal more activity on here with smart contract capabilities rolling out.

People really do not understand the explosion that is before us.

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There's so much going on in the shadows probably, yes.

Some users around here have called for HIVE's bottom at 11 cents and for a new uptrend to unfold and here you have it. If it was for its true value to be reflected in its USD price than $1 would be cheap. Happy to see it moving upwards and excited about the future.

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Let's hope it was the bottom.


uus ath või crashime madalamale kui enne olime

Loodan ikka uus ATH 😀 näib veits võimatu aga eks näis. See tabel jah hea näide, kukkumine alati valusam.

no kui me pumpisime nii kõrgele 3 päevaga, siis ma ei näe põhjust miks see uuesti nii raske peaks olema.

I think this bull run is not the same as 2017/18 in terms of altcoins and not everything moons like crazy. Personally, I don't buy HIVE, I just see much more potential in terms of upside elsewhere, like defi market for example. Generally, Hive has been in a downtrend for a long time now and hopefully now found a bottom where we have been ranging 3 months between these lines.


Mostly altcoins with great use cases have been performing exceptionally great for the past half a year meanwhile hive has only been falling.
I think, for sure we get some upside when the alt market peaks sometime at some point but honestly I don't see Hive going anywhere past its all-time high( at least in this cycle). For this to happen Hive needs some serious mainstream adoption or retail FOMO during blow-off top times.
Fortunately, I'm not here for gains, if I did then I would have left a long time ago 😀

I agree that there are projects that will probably move more than Hive, but that was not the point of this post. I just think it will move higher, that's it. We have to wait and see how this cycle plays out. 🙂