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RE: Hive: Account Management System

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Unlike blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, accounts [on] Hive are personal. They can be set [up] with a name the user creates. Instead of a string of numbers and letters, this is something that people are familiar with.

Perhaps we need to start focusing upon the idea of "Log in with Hive". This platform's account management system ensures that anyone using it will always be able to access whatever application or site is desired. Since the account cannot be closed, it will always be available to the individual.

This is perhaps the most compelling proposed enhancement to Hive I have heard yet.

When I first tried to onboard (in December), I gave up after 30 to 45 minutes of trying. A few weeks later (early January), I tried again and successfully signed up via

When I showed Hive to my students in February, they almost all said, "It's way too hard to sign up." To combat this, I set up class-only accounts on their behalf, and simply gave them the posting keys. A few of them chose to set up their own accounts (like maybe 2 or 3).

When I found LeoFinance's twitter login method, I thought, "This is great, except it only allows folks to use LeoFinance. They still need to figure out key management before they can interact with the rest of the Hive ecosystem."

What you've proposed is exactly what is needed (imho) -- a simple login that can be used with multiple front ends, multiple dApps, etc.

You have my full support in both promoting and implementing this concept.

The challenge is, of course, that this "Log in with Hive" will have to be centralized solution (I think -- correct me if I'm wrong -- I hope I am).

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In reading the @spknetwork paper, they are implementing a host of other logs ins like Google, Twitter, and FB. They also have email.

So people will be able to access that network in other ways.

As for the Log in with Hive, I am not sure how that would work but it is something that we need to keep promoting. Get developers to start utilizing the idea of tapping into Hive.

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