Day 18 - If i win the lottery [ENG-ESP]

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30 days blog challenge
18 - If i win the lottery

It depends on how much i earn... but let's say i earn US$1,000,000 dollars (one million dollars) which in my country would be RD$58,520,000 Dominican pesos approximately. And since you already know that i'm a fan of calculating time and expenses, so i'm going to show you what i would spend it on specifically.

-RD$ 6,000,000 (US$ 102,529) to buy my own apartment in the metro zone of the capital, so that in addition to becoming independent, i don't have to pay someone else for rent... i should also rent one or two of the rooms myself.

-RD$ 3,000,000 (US$ 51,264) to remodel and buy all the necessary appliances for the house initially, all the accesories change my computer (video gamer type to do my renders), buy a drawing tablet and go shopping to be a compulsive shopper with a big budget limit.

-RD$ 4,000,000 (US$ 68,352) to buy some land field in the areas where you see future population growth (this would be a little piglet for emergencyes and that would grow in value over time or maybe in the future until i build my own house there).

-RD$ 1,000,000 (US$ 17,088) to buy a car of my own, especially for work and part of its maintenance included.

-RD$ 2,000,000 (US$ 34,176) invested in Hive Power which would be 210,962 according to

-RD$ 19,000,000 (US$ 324,675) invested in Stock market, i don't have any in mind but it will cost me to research the subject.

-RD$ 12,000,000 (US$ 205,058) would be dedicated to my beautiful mother, so that she can buy an apartment, support my younger brother and be able to finish managing everything related to her divorce with my dad.

-RD$ 10,000,000 (US$ 170,881) Donated to the Foundation of Women in Restoration, which focuses on teaching a trade to all single mothers, pregnant teenagers or abused women who need to learn a trade in order to support themselves and not depend on another person / agresor... I have a personal affection with this foundation since for my university degree project i presented them with an interior design project and due to lack of funds they have not been able to work on it (i talked about the project in this post). With this money they will be able to remodel and enlarge their facilities to be able to receive many more women.

-And the RD$1,520,000 (US$ 25,974) that i have left over, i would put into some savings accounts, for personal expenses, possibly make a few personal trips or use it for the master's degree that i want to do in Barcelona.

I wouldn't want anyone to know that i won the lottery so i might buy a fake identity to go and receive the prize (if i have to go personally to recieve it) and not tell many people that i have the money.

And done, this is what i would do with 1 million dollars! And what would you do if you won the lottery?

Thank you very much for visiting my blog, i hope to see you again soon. Have a nice day.

30 días desafío para blog
18 - Si me gano la lotería

Depende de cuanto me gane... pero digamos que me gano US$1,000,000 dólares (un millón de dólares) que en mi país serían RD$58,520,000 pesos dominicanos aproximadamente. Y como ya saben que soy fanática de calcular el tiempo y los gastos, así que te voy a enseñar en qué lo gastaría específicamente.

-RD$ 6,000,000 (US$ 102,529) comprarme un apartamento propio en zona metro de la capital, para que además de independizarme, no tenga que pagarle a otra persona por alquiler... si no que yo misma alquile 1 o 2 habitaciones.

-RD$ 3,000,000 (US$ 51,264) para remodelar y comprar todos los artefactos necesarios para la casa inicialmente, cambiar mi computadora, comprarme una tableta de dibujo y salir de shopping para ser compradora compulsiva con límite de presupuesto .

-RD$ 4,000,000 (US$ 68,352) para comprar un solar en las zonas donde se vea futuro crecimiento de la población (este sería un cochinito que crecería el valor con el paso del tiempo o tal vez en un futuro hasta construya mi casa allí).

-RD$ 1,000,000 (US$ 17,088) para comprar un carro propio, de trabajo especialmente y parte de su mantenimiento incluido.

-RD$ 2,000,000 (US$ 34,176) invertido en Hive Power que serían 210,962 según

-RD$ 19,000,000 (US$ 324,675) invertido en Bolsa de valores, no tengo ninguna en mente pero me costará investigar sobre el tema.

-RD$ 12,000,000 (US$ 205,058) se lo dedicaría a mi bella madre, para que pueda comprarse un apartamento, mantener a mi hermano menor y poder terminar de gestionar todo lo referente a su divorcio con mi papá.

-RD$ 10,000,000 (US$ 170,881) Donado a la Fundación de Mujeres en Restauración, que se enfoca en enseñarle un oficio a todas las madres solteras, adolescentes embarazadas o mujeres violentadas que necesitan aprender algún oficio para poder mantenerse y no depender de otro... Tengo un cariño personal con esta fundación ya que para mi proyecto de grado de la universidad les presenté un proyecto de diseño de interiores y debido a falta de fondos no han podido trabajar (hablé de el proyecto en este post). Con este dinero si van a poder hacer la remodelación y agrandar sus instalaciones para poder recibir muchas mas mujeres.

-Y el RD$1,520,000 (US$ 25,974) que me queda lo pondría en algunas cuentas de ahorro, para gastos personales, posiblemente haga uno que otro viaje personal o lo utilice en la maestría que quiero hacer en Barcelona.

No me gustaría que nadie sepa que gane la lotería así que posiblemente compre una identidad falsa para ir a recibir el premio (si tengo que ir obligatoriamente) y no le diga a muchos que tengo el dinero.

Y listo, esto es lo que yo haría con 1 millón de dólares! Y tú ¿Qué harías si te ganas la lotería?.

Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, espero verte de nuevo pronto. Que tengas un bonito día.


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😅😅😅😅I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll just begin from anywhere. Win a million naira lottery! I must confess I was like,

Seriously, I got that face on me. Like what the fuck!

The way you breakdown the money looks like you had been doing lots of calculations (like you've actually won the money). That alone kinda made me smile a lot while reading through the whole post. Yea, you get an apartment so you can free yourself off the stress of having to pay those shitty rents. And from the budget you placed on a house, I am sure you are planning of a mansion. 😅😅

Also, having knowing your dreams lately, I understand - or I can say I will guess right of your dream car you wish to purchase will come in green color. Nice one spending your money by the way. The investment to hive is like one of the smartest choice here. Pls do, do our hive price can boost and hit multi dollars😄

hahahahaha you always with the right GIFs... and yes, i really enjoy calculating all the expenses and doing this kind of analysis. Actually, I HAVE to do it because my job demands it, as an interior designer i always have to look for the best prices and analyze the risks well without missing any detail.

On the other hand, from a few years ago to here, i can not lie, i have done some research... because this list may be very out of my reach right now, but already went from dreams to meet, to goals to fulfill... so i found out how things are in the market here and more or less i have an idea of prices...

And no, i wasn't thinking about a mansion... 6,000,000 million pesos (102,000 dollars) don't mean anything here, our currency is very devalued, it would be a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment with 100mts2... Well, for you to know, the apartment i live right now is like this (100mts2 but with more luxuries) and it cost 6,000,000 11 years ago... you can already know how the prices are in this area today.

And of course, the matte green car is not even to be discussed... hahahaha i think it will possibly invest more to Hive, but i would have to reduce from other parts hahahah. Maybe when i start making profit of all the investments, i will put more.

I'm glad you liked my post, and thank you again for stopping by and visiting me.

Whoah! Really? That amount is that way in your currency? That's huge. Here, with such amount, one would have a mansion for real - or close to one I think. Infact, I don't even think with such amount alone that the holder will ever suffer poverty - that is of course if it is well managed and invested.

Hands up! We aren't going near the car😁 don't wanna cause trouble trying to change your mind😏😁

It makes sense now how you are able to finalize the cost of it all so perfectly. Nice experience you've gotten over your job!

Yeahh... an appartament in the centric zones may cost you 16 million pesos or 20... that's thousand dollars.


Look at these ones... just for being in the central zone have that cost.

And these ones with just 2 bethrooms


They are actually pretty big... but you get the point hahahaha

Well, when looked at critically, it seems to be everywhere because the exchange rate of dollar to other currencies almost fall in places to be a little leveled, even it they are not equal. So, it possible to see such amount being placed on a house around here as well though. But with such amount as $100k, a decent home can be found here.

These houses posted here are tempting me o. Lols, feel like sleeping in one of them.

How is the dollar there? Here i have 1 dollar = 58.42 pesos so far.

Well, over here, one dollar equals 388 naira. And black market is about 475 naira.

That's much more... do the jobs pay well there?

You did not put me inside budget 😭😭😭😭😭. $34,000 usd can't get you 6million hive power just to note.

Ohh you are rigth, my mistake.