Splinterlands Now Accepts LEO!

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Hi Everyone,

Splinterlands now accept Leo as one of the payment options to get credits via the site. This is also the first token on Hive based that Splinterlands is accepting tokens from which is awesome. As many of us can see, LEO has exceed many expectations and is another project other than Splinterlands that has caught the attention of many users.

When you click on the token option, you can see that $1 = 1000 credit. Under 'crypto' you can see there are lots of other cryptocurrency that Splinterlands accepts. You can then click to LEO.

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At the time of writing, 1000 credit requires 3.806 LEO. Those who doesn't have any HIVE.SWAP to buy DEC on Hive Engine can now easily swap credits using their LEO. For LEO this is a great step with different projects accepting the token, more usable reasons/methods, more people will look into holding or buying LEO. Splinterlands can also potentially attract new players from the LEO platform, its a win-win for both projects.

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I do hope we can see more tokens being able to be used on Splinterlands like SIM so we can bring another a new lot of users to the game. Splinterlands is growing at a comfortable rate and with collaborations with different projects like LEO who is also on HIVE, we can potentially see a rise with new players and users in the coming months for both Splinterlands and LEO.


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a logic, but great and innovative step - Leo is a role model for other tokens on Hive for sure and might also help to drive more investors towards the blockchain.

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Yeah, it's seems that LEO it's going to top🔝

Great news!

more and more are starting to realize the power of leo!

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Hurray baby!

What great news of course, this is a big step for Leo. We will soon see the good results.

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