Glad To Be Holding Splinterlands Assets

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Hi Everyone,

Why I used that title? While the whole market is down, some in double digits, I'm glad one thing I own is actually holding value. In fact, it is going up as I type this. The market cap has reached ATH with just over $34mil. Three days ago, it jus reached $30mil! It's definitely shoot up like a rocket and while everyone is in the red in crypto land, Splinterlands is going the opposite direction. Unbelievable. This also means, the value of those holding Splinterlands cards will see their value go up as well because mine certainly did. Especially for the early holders, the time they have been waiting has finally started to come.

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Three days ago when I wrote about the market, DEC was 30% above pegged price but while we are all waiting for SPS to come out end of the month, it is now 50% over pegged price. Nobody wants to sell waiting for the airdrop with over $27k of transactions just on DEC alone. When you look at that graph, again going up the one direction and I can see this happening at least till the airdrop happens. I am certainly not selling as 1 DEC equals to 1 airdrop point so there is no reason to sell. The only thing that I am thinking is if I should be buying cards to upgrade a few of them but again that means I need to spend my DEC which I am reluctant to do. Dilemma to the max at the moment.

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Can I also touch on SPT. SPT have always been my side favourite as I love the idea of curating with a nice stake locked up. With a nice amount curating and able to get curation for voting is a great way of rewarding authors writing about the game but also a nice amount coming back. 4 SPT equals to 1 SPS airdrop points so every little bit adds up. Although DEC is the most economical way to accumulate SPS but SPT to me is a way of distributing rewards to other players which not only giving me some curation but providing good rewards to authors. I love this idea and will continue to do so. Are you ready for SPS yet?

If you haven't joined, check it out here

Source - Discord, Hive-engine

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I'm kind of wishing i didn't have so much DEC in the pool on Cub now, but it is what it is!

If I didn't have it locked up i'd have just spent it anyway!

I was going to say having it in your wallet is the most dangerous thing and I dunno if I can hold onto them for much longer.

I saw on a post you ended up getting a tract! glad you did cos i remember you said that you weren't thinking of buying on

I'm SO glad I did buy a tract - I keep looking at it just sitting there, and it's giving me the opportunity to sell some individual plots - 1 for almost 400 Hive a couple of days ago (!).

You've got to lock up that DEC, quite!

I think DEC is worth 2x in a liquidity pool.

Yes it is - they give you the dollar value also - i'm 50K down on a 400K original stake I think - I just got it wrong about DEC not being able to go above its peg!

So a little bit less of a drop, but it is what it is!

Are you in a diesel pool?

No on CubDefi - I\ve pooled out of it now

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4 SPT equals to 1 SPS so every little bit adds up.

That is not true. 4 SPT equal to 1 airdrop point - which is not 1 SPS but a dynamic system that depends on all assets held on the specific date of each of the 365 airdrops.

ahhhh yes that is correct and this has been corrected in the post. thanks for dropping by :)