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RE: The Hive Engagement League 🏆

in LeoFinance10 months ago

For the second time today, I'm happily surprised I'm not higher up on an egagement chart (the first time being on @hiro-hive's Daily Twitter Data Reports). I thought I'd upped my engagement enough to crack the top 50, but knowing I was putting in more effort, but still didn't make it, means that everyone else is really killing it (hence the happily part of the surprised). Nicely done, all!

Oh, and I've just dropped the tip off on @stefano.massari's most recent post...

Have an awesomesauce week everybody, and speaking of tips...

!tip hive


This make me happy! Thanks a lot and greetings from Italy

Thank you very much for supporting the EL and spreading kindness around the Hive :)