Reticular Formation For Financial Success

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If we want to expand our skills to detect better opportunities and be more successful with money, one of the most effective ways is Reticular Formation. This is a scientific concept, but don't worry, there is nothing complicated here as you will see in the next few minutes. Since our brain, being made up of billions of neurons, bases its structure on something called: «Neural Pathways», which are nothing more than chemical junctions between some and other places in the brain. All this, in order to facilitate the processes of electronic exchanges, and improve the quality and speed of the response to different stimuli ... Simple, but wonderful evolution.

So when we focus on some relatively new topic, our brains will usually have no neural pathways created and it will be a little difficult or even uncomfortable to do any activity outside of our Comfort Zone. However, with the passage of time, it will become increasingly and easier for us to identify any element related to our subject of study or action.

And this not only applies to financial or educational issues, but also to everyday life. Usually when a couple is going to have a baby, it seems that the number of pregnant women, from one moment to another will increase ... And this is totally false. What happens in that case, is that the brain of both members is much more sharpened to identify other couples, and it just becomes much more familiar in other people, the state they are going through themselves.

Now, the important thing is that we can apply this to Personal Development, and much more precisely, to money. When we focus on strategies for making money, studying financial arts, understanding how cash flow works ... etc, what we really do is feed our brains with repetitive stimuli that finally begin to create powerful neural pathways.

And on how much you reinforce these neural pathways, your ability to effectively become a true master of money will depend. It's easy to know the reason for many people's financial failure: Just ask them how much time they spend on their finances a day…. Some: NOTHING.

And that is a real problem. It's like wanting to be better at basketball, without even practicing it frequently. We have a brain, which is a wonderful machinery that opens doors to unlimited wealth, but simply if we do not take advantage of the resources that we have at our disposal, it will be useless to have them in the first place.

And the best way to take advantage of our fantastic brain is simply creating neural pathways that strengthen reticular formation in different aspects of our lives. A rather crucial aspect that we must take advantage of is Personal Growth. The plan to always improve, and to be better and better people. This not only allows us to earn much more money, but makes us much more deserving of real fortunes (and some say that the rich are bad ...)

So, your task from now on, is to soak up much more of the topics that contribute to your financial growth, study the wealthy, analyze how you can start creating better habits and making better decisions towards financial success and total abundance. Your brain is on your side. You have the best money-generating machinery in the world with you: Your Mind.

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