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RE: Are We Starting To See New People Involved In Cryptocurrency?

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I am totally sold on the new defi craze. I see it as a good way to accumulate cryptocurrency without risking too much money. With price fluctuating so insanely I would be sick to my stomach investing too much fiat currency in hopes of the price of BTC ETH TRX etc would skyrocket.

I've been a part of Forsage ETH and made some money there they released a sister site using Tron TRX a few days ago.

The first BTC defi program launched today getting in on the groundfloor. I dismissed buying BTC when it was early days, and I'm not making that mistake again.

I got a buddy who plays league of legends I belive it was, he got asword worth 10k. 10k for pixels what a crazy new world of finance we live in!


It is hard to argue against the returns that are being generated. Many are putting a bit in and getting returns that amount to huge sums of money.

If one is on that side of the trade, all is well. Of course, buying after a token ran in hopes it gets another 4x or so might be problematic. The fear and greed issue is not solely in crypto.

10k for pixels what a crazy new world of finance we live in!

Generating money out of nothing use to be the forte of Wall Street. It seems that now anyone can do it.

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Haha yeah you are right about that, everybody can generate money outta nothing these days.
I don't know if that is a good thing or not :-p
Whatever levels the playingfield for the commonfolk.