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Elon Musk has just tweet this . This gonna be game change on this meme coin if elon musk make this move .

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The website as visible on the image is for sale by GoDaddy. 🕵️‍♂️ That tweet looks like a joke. 😅

Doge also start from meme tweet . I realize even in youtube , "elon musk" never stop promoting giving free coin. If this is another joke from elon musk , the coin might goes up for a while like previous "Dogefather SNL tweet", but if elon really make commitment to bring doge into tesla , its gonna change those coin for long projection.

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It will help kick things a bit higher but I doubt it changes anything. This is not much different than Tesla accepting Bitcoin as payment. Few are going to by a car using crypto other than the novelty of it.

In the end, people are hodlers or speculators with a lot of this stuff.

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Yeah , i agree with you . To make doge a solid coin for long run , it should have a solid project or else it ll just continue become a meme coin.

I wonder how many people will buy TELSA with their doge instead of growing their portfolio. Maybe some rockstar because doge is much popular among them .

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