Who else is wishing for a BTC retracement?

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For weeks now, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alts have been mooning aggressively with BTC getting more close to exceeding its overall all-time high of $20,089 and ETH/USDT trading well above the $600 mark price. Yeah! The pump is very good and was expected but it appears to be only exciting for and to those who actually owned some portions of BTC and ETH. But for those of us who do not hodl any amount of BTC and/or ETH, we were hoping and wishing for a little dump.


If this pump continues and tarries then we will be missing out greatly because for me, now is not a very good time to buy in. Reason being that if you buy into BTC right now, you will have to wait and sell it at about $50,000 price or more to make good profits. However, a lot of persons are still buying BTC even at about $19,000 that it is. But this must be people that already have enough funds and there are buying for the future.

So, right now, I am only buying into small cap coins that have shown great potentials to grow in the years to come. Some of which are HAG, TATCOIN, LEO, ZIL and Hive second-layer tokens. More so, I have plans to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum but that won't come to fruition if it stays at this high price for so long. This is why I am wishing for a little dump in price so as to be able to hold some stake in these two coins.

On the other though, BTC and ETH is still looking very very bullish as more persons are buying and less dumping. The only advantage I seem to have in this BTC pump is that I could be shorting and earning some Tether at intervals via capitalization of the price movements.

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Based on the prices I see now (November 26th 15:44 UTC), it looks like all those who wanted the dip in order to buy BTC and ETH have gotten their wish.

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