Financial Lessons from a Dog

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Learning never ends as we all know and also, there are lessons to learn everyday and from everything around us; that's if we pay attention. Recently, I've been focusing more on gaining more financial knowledge as this is of utmost importance in our society today. Truth is, an individual who is financially illiterate is likely to end up very poor and always having to work for money instead of making money work for him.

So, what lessons are we being taught by a dog? Certain actions of animals happen to contain different and distinctive lessons that if we take cognizance of and apply in our daily lives, we'd be very far away from poverty or being broke. Wealth is a function of principles hence, the more financial principles we know and apply, the more financially free we can be.

"Savers are Losers". This was a lesson a dog once taught us and it can be proven in our today's world. People who tend to keep their funds in the banks end up losing instead of gaining. On the other, banks gain when you lock up your money in an account. Speaking of the dogs, a dog once had a piece of bone, instead of eating it, it decided to bury it in the ground with the intention of saving it for later. So, it dug a comfortable depth, laid and covered the bone.

In its reasoning, the dog taught it was saving the bone whereas he was losing it the more it stayed below the earthcrust. As we learned in the sciences, nature itself will start to eat the bone through bacteria, algae and other decomposing agents. Heat would also contribute to the bone decaying and ants would eventually start eating it as well. So, in essence, the dog is actually losing its food unknowingly while thinking it's saving it.

This is what is happening to a lot of persons who keep their money in the bank in the name of saving. Any money in the bank is completely not yours. Banks can decide to freeze your accounts like they recently did to a few accounts in my country. Also, you discover that sometimes, you may not have access to it when you need it. Oftentimes, we visit the ATM to withdraw just to get a message that it can't dispense. All these happen because it is not entirely your money any longer.

More so, you are also losing your money to some economic forces like inflation and charges. You'd agree with me that what $10 could buy many years ago, it can't buy it today. So, assuming someone saved $10 same number of years ago in the bank, would it still have value today? NO!


Summarily, the assertation that "a dollar saved is a dollar earned is fallacious" and you need to unlearn it if you must gain financial freedom. Start making investments instead focusing on saving. This is what the rich people know that the poor don't. The poor man believes in saving for retirement whereas the rich thinks of generating cash flows via investments.

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@tomlee, Yes, Lessons are Learning. With true knowledge comes the Empowerment. Stay blessed.

Dog or anything else that can enforce you to make changes is you lesson