Don't Keep that Money Idle: INVEST

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It is one thing to have money but it is another thing to utilize that money properly. Two people can hold a huge amount of money in their hands today but definitely, there will be a disparity in their wealth status in the nearest future. Why the disparity? The manner by which they utilized the available funds. One might choose to just dump the money in his bank account in the name of savings while the other chooses to invest the funds. Without telling you, you just know that it is the one who invests that will get to build a sustainable wealth. Saving money doesn't bring wealth because it doesn't increase the amount rather it is investments to brings about wealth.


Growing up as a child in the nursery school, I saw how successful my dad was as a trader (not crypto) that he was and I equally saw thw adverse effect of keeping funds idle. He was into the selling of clothes, shoes, and other fashion materials as well as accessories. I saw that he made great profits but he kept a lot of his profits idle; he never really reinvested plenty and neither did he diversify. Sadly, things began going south for him such that he considered obtaining a loan. He got the loan and couldn't meet up with the agreed payback timeline. That was how he lost his shop space and his business completely. If only he had invest his money in other businesses then he would have had something to fall back to. I don't know what he did exactly that made even go for a loan; maybe poor business management.

Similarly, I had a discussion with another business man and he told how he handles his money. he told me he never allows a huge amount of money stay in his hands. What he does is that, anytime he has money, he simply invests it in multiple businesses which included real estate. That way, he doesn't get to spend on frivolities rather he keeps only what will take care of the necessary bills. I quite learnt from him.

When you have excess funds in your custody without investing it, you will definitely opt to buy anything you see; you get to spend unnecessarily. This is why it is imperative that you don't keep so much money idle; make the money work for you. This is what the rich do that the poor do not know. The rich man believes in investing while the poor man believes in just saving his money. Remember, saving money does not increase your money rather investing it is what brings about cash flow.

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For me. Since I found a way to put my money to work in crypto, I've never had a reason to go back nor will I ever will.

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There'll never be a reason to back out of cryptocurrency. It is the future and quite profitable

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we should develop blockchain projects to increase the economic well-being of the poor

This would be great

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