Crypto Investments: A Better Retirement Plan

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Retirement is inevitable for everyone meaning that, you and I will have to retire someday from our jobs and services. Could be as a result of the age factor or just so you could give other people (growing adults) a chance to also work and earn. Retirement is mostly being heard of or used in the the civil service job.


Over here in Nigeria, a person can only work for the government for a period of 35 years. Once you have been in active service either as a teacher or as a staff in any sector for 35 years, you will have to retire. In another scenario, you will be retired from service once you clock 60 years of age.

What does retirement mean in this scenario? No monthly salary for you just your pension, gratuities and maybe leave grants. Growing up as a child, I've always seen some persons being afraid of retirement due to the reasons mentioned above. Some, because of this fear of retirement, they go to the extent of lying about their ages so, they can stay longer in active service They embark on what is called age declaration where they claim a younger age. All these is so that they can work longer and be receiving salaries per month.

However, whether you declare.a younger age or not, you will still retire someday. Still on that, I have seen a lot of retirees suffering to survive because they never had a good retirement plan; no investment of any sort and no alternative business. In my previous post, I talked about diversification and this is very important. If as a civil servant, bearing in mind that you will be retired someday, you put up a side hustle, you won't have to be afraid of retirement. You wouldn't have to lie about your age.

A lot of civil servants only put their hope on pensions and gratuities. Unfortunately for them, the government has been treating retirees unfairly as they don't get to pay them their due benefits promptly. A lot of them retire and stay for more than 10 years before being paid their pensions while some even get to die without collecting their (like my mom). That's how bad it is! Because of this delay in pension and gratuities payment, some retirees get to live in hell.


Few days ago, I was walking past the office that handles pension and gratuities payment, you needed to see the number of retirees struggling to get processed for payment. Some of them are already very old while some it's their next of kin coming to process it. I also discovered that there were some retirees from way back 2010. It wasn't a pleasing sight and the government really need to change. I mean these payments are people's rights, why delay in paying them when they funds are there? It's evil and wickedness.

The Solution

Are you a growing youth or a person close to retirement or you are still in active service? It will be wise for you to consider venturing into other businesses that would generate cash flow for you once you leave service. If you don't want to be miserable after retirement or be at the mercy of the government; make some Investments today against the future!

Investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best alternatives. Buy into some cryptocurrency projects so you can capitalize on its price increase. Investing in cryptocurrency has many advantages over many other businesses. With cryptocurrency, you are less stressed, you don't need an office space and the likes. In the comfort of your home, you can be earning and surviving very well.

Have a retirement plan!

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Well thought out here. I'm planning to get my mom acquainted with crypto and would probably open an account for her. Definitely, we have to shift with technology. Those still living in the traditional systems of finance would have to pay for their negligence in the near future.

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Teaching your mom crypto investments would be a great one. It might be hard for her to understand though

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What a great insight. My husband just retired from a government service (the same here, in our country, you need to be 60 year old to be able to retire). We are atill awaiting for his pension. Thanks for this. This is very helpful.

Thanks for finding my piece useful.

I hope your husband make other investments and how prompt is pension payment over there?

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