Win-Win Method Or Using LeoFinance and HIVE Decentralised Blockchain

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Win-Win Method

Have a nice day all friends ...

Today, I want to share about Win-Win Method.
Win-Win Method is mean that you and me, both are winning in a situation. That is ...
In a Matters which you and me are doing together, you also win as I win.

In here, I want to describe Win-Win Method by example of Using LeoFinance and HIVE Decentralised Blockchain Experience.

Today, I claimed my First LEO and HIVE paid out Rewards.
In a situation of LeoFinance and HIVE Author and Curator rewards, I found that Author called by Post creator win Rewards and Curator called by Upvoter also win Rewards.

If you post about Crypto and Finance or Knowledge or Activities or Experience, such as which you know or learn by using LeoFinance and HIVE Decentralised Blockchain as an Author, you can get $LEO and $HIVE as Reward Digital Money.

On the other way, you can get $LEO and $HIVE as Reward Digital Money if you upvote other Authors's post like a Curator.

Therefore, I want to say that Using LeoFinance and HIVE Decentralised Blockchain is Win-Win Method.

Do you think about my post?

Thank for reading my post.


Tin Aung Soe

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Yup! Great way to earn both ways, right? Glad you're enjoying both platforms so far. ☺️

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Thank you.
May you also be happy as I happy !

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