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This days, I was playing CryptoBrewMaster Hive Blockchain Game and trying to earn BCH on So, I couldn't give many time in the posts of LeoFinance. This is not good for Earning LEO and Engaging with ease other.
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Today, I want to share about home-cooked Fish Curry.
My wife and me like Grilled fish so much. But, Grilled fish sold by roadside stalls is not good for Health and it is more expensive than home-cooked grilled fish.
Grilled or Boiled Fish sold by Magnificent big restaurants could not eaten frequently.


Therefore, we used to eat Whole Fish Curry by cooking ourselves allegorically as grilled or boiled fish.

In here, I want not to say about the healthy nutrition which we can benefit by eating Fish.
You can learn and read About healthy nutrition of fish .

Here, I want to describe the costs of Grilled Fish sold by roadside stalls and Home-cooked Fish Curry severally.


You can see the size of fish in my photos.

Kind of FoodieQuantityCost
Grilled Fish sold by roadside stalls22.3 USD$
Home-cooked Fish Curry21.6 USD$

In seeing above columns, I can save 0.7 USD$ for once Foodie eating.
We use to eat this Fish foodie four times per month.
So, I can save Money 2.8 USD$ in eating Fish for a month.

$ 2.8 USD per month is insignificant.
But, at the current LEO price, I can buy more than 5 LEO with 2.8 USD$.
If I can save 5 LEO per month, it will be 60 LEO per year.
If the LEO price is USD 1 $ at the beginning of 2022, USD $ 60 will be saved.

It is important for us to be able to save money for the future financial freedom, just as many raindrops can be a big lake when it accumulate a lot of rain, even if one raindrop is not much.

Also, it is healthier to cook fish yourself than to buy grilled fish from a roadside stall.
This is also an investment in health.

What do you think?

Thank you for everything.

Tin Aung Soe


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ငါးကင် မစားနိုင်တာကိုကြာပြီဗျာ။

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