Earning $CBM By Playing Cryptobrewmaster

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Hey Friends ...
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Today, I stated to play Cryptobrewmaster HIVE Blockchain Game.

The purpose of my gaming is to earn extra money by using rest time.

Firstly, I logged in Cryptobrewmaster with Hivesigner and clicked all icon image to know Game playing method.

And, I played on Step by step following the instructions in the pictures.

You can see My Today's Cryptobrewmaster gaming in the below image.
#1. Claimed to get 10 Brewery ingredient Cards as a gift from AlphaBonus code.

#2. Clicked OK to receive all ingredients.

#3. I went to Brewhouse and added Ingredient cards to produce Larger Beer.
Then, Start .

#4. It take 3 hours and 32 minutes time to produce a Beer.

#5. I went to Bulletin Board from PUB.

#6. I saw DailyQuest in Bulletin Board and Started Good Wheat Malt By DID Craft Beer Shop. It will take 25 minutes and 24 Energy.

#7. When I clicked Energy icon in the right corner base of Game site, I saw Water ingredient as Refer bonus to claim and Claimed.

#8. And then, I copied my Referral link as below.


If you don't play Cryptobrewmaster Game
just now, you can play by clicking above referral link.

We can earn CBM tokens in Game.
We can trade CBM tokens in leodex.io
Or hive-engine .

To boost Game playing, we can buy
Ingredient Packages with $HBD via
Hivesigner and be rechargeable Energy
with CBM tokens as Drinking Beer.

In the other way, we can play Cryptobrewmaster freely by waiting time
to be rechargeable Energy.

This is brief for Cryptobrewmaster gaming.
Game is not complete yet. But, we can play
as initiated gamers.

What do you want to say about this game?

Thank for all ...

Tin Aung Soe

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@tin.aung.soe, In my opinion in near future we can expect Hub Of Games on Hive Blockchain. Enjoy your gaming time and stay blessed.

Thank you.
If you can play Hub of Games, share me please.

Welcome. 🙂

I will check out the game.
Nice post.

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Thank you so much!

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Cryptobrewmaster is a very cool game and does not consume much of our time. Without a doubt it is one of the best games created on the Hive blockchain.

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