The color of the day: RED | Bleeding portfolios all over | CUB still farming strong!

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Dips in the portfolio

The previous correction of BTC already felt quite bad looking at the portfolio because of a huge dip in value. By yesterday, that dip was almost back to normal looking at the value. I was actually planning on focussing on buying in on some coins for quick profits starting today. When I woke up this morning though, I knew this was not the right day to start that.. I was shocked to see another lower number (instead of ATL it must have been since Feb 2021 LOW for us).

The last dip was used to buy in

Where we had some funds to buy in the previous dip, this time I was simply too late getting our shit together to make sure we were ready for another sale in crypto-land. So I could feel bummed, annoyed and be pissed at myself for being too late, but I decided to have another approach to deal with this missed opportunity..
I will use this day for more offline stuff and write articles to earn LEO and HIVE instead. Because I can do something about that, while the market has to recover without me being able to influence that anyway. Trying to have some funds ready for next round, for sure!

$CUB surprised me this morning

I was surprised to see it was holding around $2,75 and honestly surprised it didn't drop towards $2 like a while ago. And now, just hours later, I see we're already passing the $ 3 again! Farm one farmers! Cub going strong, and I love it!


Very pleased to see $CUB is holding up as it is.. #diamondpaws baby!
Secretly, I was hoping for others to panick and pull liquidity in the farm, so that we have a bigger share of the pie, but it doesn't really seem that that happened, although I have to admit, that I didn't really check it either. I'm not going to stop farming any time soon, that's for sure!

Leofinance is actually the reason I'm not developing diamond hands, I've seen price drop quite fast, and I didn't even consider getting out. I'm grateful for finally developing those diamond hands haha. I have no doubt about Leofinance and their vision, so I'm glad I got in early and will keep supporting CUB, even when the price is rocky for a bit.

How was your portfolio looking earlier, and has it recovered by now?

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$Cub is my token for the future. They will add so much value to it that you would have to be crazy to sell out at these prices. For me i trade it a little to get more but that is about it.

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I remember reading your posts about CUB and along with some others, it made me realize that I should defo not sell them all, but keep a comfy bag for the future as I know the Leofinance team is working hard on building other things as well.

It's been a good few months learning to hold for me personally, but I have to admit that the financial situation has been going in a good direction, which obviously helps to grow diamond hands :)

People can make their own choices but for me it is a no brainer. If more people come into the site then the supply will get very thin and with the daily burning the price will go higher fast.

It's all a question of whether the can get more users but with the team in charge, I think that they will.

I think so too!

Hello @thisismylife I plan to purchase CUB in the near future. Thanks for the information.