Sign up to Hive via LEO Finance with only MetaMask? Holy shit, this is cool!

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LEO Finance has been absolutely kicking ass with innovation on One of the new features that really impressed me is the ability to get a Hive account using only MetaMask.

You can see the introduction post here.

@khaleelkazi has a good introduction video here you can watch to see the process. In the video you can see him create a Hive account using only MetaMask in around 30 seconds!

I've been very interested in ways we can get more users on Hive and been going around asking community and dapp owners how their on-boarding has been going. Not only how many users being on-boarded on a regular basis, but their activity and engagement after they are here. I want to do more digging to find out how different projects are going but also come up with ways we can improve it.

I've been thinking about what I can do for my own STEMGeeks community to use it as a driving force to get more users onto Hive. Right now it hasn't performed as well as I have hoped, but I haven't put the time in effort into it that is needed to raise the exposure outside of Hive. I want to start to change that and find ways to greatly improve it.

I really believe efforts like the MetaMask integration and making the sing up process as easy and understandable as possible will greatly improve our success. We have to stop sitting on Twitter saying Hive Hive Hive like the birds in Finding Nemo and actually give people reasons to be here and something to do while they are here.

If you can think of anything that would help make the on-boarding process more successful or simpler, hit up community and dapp owners and let them know. Hive On-boarding was a big help and is what a lot of dapps are now using for the sign up process.

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Do you know how they protect against abuse with that? It seems like it's very easy for someone to automate that process and sign up tons of accounts, which would come as a cost to LeoFinance. They also only have about 1000 account creation tokens, so I wonder what will happen if they onboard more users than that.

I am not sure. I’ll ask. I doubt there is much that can be done but there is a cost to broadcast the transaction.

They also only have about 1000 account creation tokens, so I wonder what will happen if they onboard more users than that.

I have 80,000, I can spare some if he needs them.

Yea let me know what you find out. You of all people know how free account creation services can be abused. I'm just worried that if there aren't any protections then it will be taken advantage of to create a bot army or something at their expense.

But it sounds like the cost of an Eth transaction is more than enough to stop this.

There's no transactions involved, it's just signing a message with the private key.

oh... right... so eventually one person is going to claim 800 accounts... lol :(

I think you can only create one account with metamask since it makes you sign a tx with your eth account and connects your new hive account to that eth account. that was the case when i tried but i only have one eth address so maybe possible if you have several? idk

Yes, anyone can create any number of Ethereum wallet addresses very easily.

I feel that we are often blocking ouselves by thinking too much about potential abuse cases. Sure, this is an important point, but I think we have to think bigger than that. The potential pros I think often outweigh the cons; it's the same with e.g. a linear rewards curve; there is potential for abuse, but overall the good could be much more.

Yes, this could be a game-changer or how to say, a new way to get the new users :)

When stem do it?

I may look into it at some point, but it isn't as critical for STEM as we have vastly different audiences. LEO targets crypto users who likely already have MetaMask installed, I want to go after universities, schools, and geeks.

Good point, consider iota the internet of thing maybe be a good target to get in the stemgeeks, because the proporsal of this is the science.

You're right, it's another totally different niche, that's why I was saying in iota the internet of things users it could be, although it seems that this project is quite outdated, I don't know much but I haven't seen news of them in recent days.
Universities and colleges, it could be that if you add those fabulous projects that students do at science fairs at the end of their school years when they have to finish their fantastic projects, although today with the pandemic I don't know how this is going to end, but well we are still here hoping that things will improve for everyone, well I hope this is just the beginning of our growth throughout the cryptosphere, good luck with the project, we hope everything goes well and if at some point something that is difficult occurs to me nor type of niche will I let you know.

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its very cool and a step to make things more easy.

Somedays Hive come to a point, its more easy to use as classic social media.

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Implement a Facebook, Google or Twitter login for the stemgeeks community with second-layer virtual, custidoal accounts, and on-boarding is solved. After the users reach a certain rep for example the virtual accounts could be converted to a full blockchain-based account.

I would like to do guest accounts but that isn't possible until I replace Nitrous with my own front end like LEO did.