Pornhub adds four new crypto payment options

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New tokens added to Pornhub's payment processing are XRP, BNB, USDC, and doge. Recently Pornhub removed Dash and PumaPay tokens due to concerns over privacy coins.

Pornhub was recently banned from using Mastercard & Visa due to illegal content published on their site. This happened back in December 2020 as a result of a New York Times article exposing illegal content published on

In response, Pornhub removed almost 80% of their content from unverified users to get back in the good graces of Mastercard & Visa. As of right now, they still are unable to use Mastercard or Visa credit cards.

I had to laugh when I saw this comment by Reddit user bisti123.

While I don't know how many people actually pay for porn, I would love to see Hive listed there. With over 120,000,000 daily views, there is a lot of exposure being listed.

I am going to see if I can reach out and see if they are interested.

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I always thought the adult industry would be the first to adopt cryptocurrency. I'm really surprised it hasn't been more eager to adopt the technology.

Back in the 90s I did a lot of affiliate marketing for adult companies and also design work for some of the neighborhood "studio girls". I lived in Las Vegas back then. One of the biggest issues for adult entertainment is the credit card chargeback. Basically a chargeback occurs when a customer reverses the charges on their credit card. This usually happens when somebody's significant other sees they spent several hundred dollars on adult entertainment, the person denies it claiming it must be fraud and then the credit card company refunds all the money.

This is a very common occurrence and once a company receives to many of these chargebacks they pay a much higher processing fee too. Crypto fixes this. I honestly thought that adult companies would be offering huge discounts for people to pay in crypto just because there is no chargeback.

I don't really pay for porn but I think it would be pretty cool if more companies accepted crypto. I've actually wondered why they haven't raced to adopt it.

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The adult industry has been the cause of many technological improvements.

So many. Most people really don't realize a lot of the multi-media advancements we take for granted were because of the need that arose in the adult industry for streaming services and what not. Another reason I'm surprised at the lack of adoption from that industry. It's a perfect fit.

I always wondered what the tax implications were for them.

Tax. What a shitty word.

Not as shitty as compond interest😜

And then all the stupid ass oxymoron catch phrases people rattle off in their sleep like it's normal: Tax benefit. <-- the fuu? The whole Fed dude, what a fuckin scam. You read all the history on that one? How two dudes weren't getting anywhere with the US Government about this elaborate idea they had to tax the people so they secluded themselves to an island to initiate this grand scheme that exists as I type this.

Everything from the name: Federal Reserve. To the main stock holders who opposed the Fed, it wasn't going anywhere, then they all three died on the Titanic.

Oh man.. I.. better stop.

I am going to see if I can reach out and see if they are interested.

That's the spirit!


I would love to see Hive listed there.

Any payment - every possibility.

I am going to see if I can reach out and see if they are interested.

Great that will be good exposure for sure . Well to be honest many addicts will be exploring all the Crypto options listed by pornhub now , so listing Hive will be a bonus for them + ofcourse us.

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i'm still waiting for the real porn coin, xvg to pump

or spankcoin. Most porn crypto projects have died off I think.

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the reason is simple. Porn needs advertisement selling to pay off. Most cryptos don't care about that.

Hive has some similar problems because the content is worth a lot for advertisers.

Spankchain was the one, I still have some in an ETH wallet somewhere (probably lost the keys it's that important!).

I think the industry term is they have “gone limp dick"

I tried to get an account and I read that and was pisssssed. I had lube in hand and everything and I had to look at sub par trim at 720 p video qualitylol. It did the job though.

hahha i laugh as well with the xrp comment :P

also it would be awesome if you manage to make hive be on that list!

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would be un-fricking-believable to see hive as a payment option

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It seems to be America only.

At least in Germany its not available.


I believe in Germany they do wire transfers. US, UK, Singapore I believe is crypto, maybe a few others.

Yeah we have this debit card system that the US doesn't the reason we don't use credit cards as often.

Did you come across it during the payment process? 😁

No, my grandpa was having some trouble, so he asked if I could help him out.

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Anyone working on trying to get them to accept Hive?

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I just messaged someone I know who works there to see if they can get me in touch with the right person.

Great! Seems like a good fit really, I'm not a big porm fan, but with Hive being so easy to transfer seems like a good idea.

Reach out, it's good for recognition, but no way in fuck am I going to waste my precious Hive on porn lol

I am really excited to this mission of yours.
Please push it harder to them.
Many hivers out there will surely appreciate this use-case if successful.

Do it baby!

I already reached out, fingers crossed.

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If your move is successful, no shame to promote the use of Hive among Pornhub users(havent visit it for a long time tho)

Lol :D

Finally @numanbutt can pay for the content using hive. 😂untitled.gif

If you use Brave, there's free porn at xhamster with no ads or pop-up shit (not that I go there,, ahem)...

Yap, that would be fun to see.

This is what I’m showing people when they ask me if they can spend crypto on anything!

Is this the path we want to walk on?
Porn? Gambling? How about helping victims of the industry by passing value for positive creations?

Lets all go deep into the rabbit hole.

Deep and wet?


I wonder if you mention you were invested in ViT it might help? lol