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Yesterday I posted some suggestions for LeoFinance which focused on the most important suggestions on my list.

Here are a few more suggestions I have been writing down over the last few months.

Twitter sign up not working

I tried to setup an account via Twitter to test one of my other suggestions. I tried multiple times with multiple accounts, and every time I got the following:

No errors in the console and the account creation just keeps showing the spinning wheel.

Do not create keys for custodian accounts until needed

When a new account is created via LeoFinance, keys are generated and provided when requested. If the keys are not downloaded and access is granted via Twitter/MetaMask, the keys are still held somewhere on their behalf.

I recommend not generating keys at all until they request it. Use account authority until keys are requested by the user. This way Leo is not holding other users keys.

Ignore Reblogs

One feature I use frequently on Peakd/Hive is ignoring reblogs, especially for spammers who like to reblog to hide their spam. There is currently no way to do this on I think many are like me where they almost always just click "All Posts" rather than sort through reblogs.

Show withdrawal limit

When withdrawing from the dex you have to manually check liquidity by clicking this button:

Then clicking "Hive" to see how much is available. It should be a simple fix to just display it right away without any effort on the user. Same thing for deposits.

Click balance

Another issue with the dex I have found is you can click to auto insert price, but you cannot click to auto insert balance. This is something that was driving me nuts about Hive-Engine as well but they finally fixed it.

If you click on your balance, it does not auto populate quantity.

Click to buy this much

Another feature I think the dex needs is the ability to click on your Hive.swap balance to buy this much of a token. This is a feature Hive-Engine has (but it is currently buggy) where you can click price, then click your balance and it will populate how many you can buy automatically.

I would even go so far to add a slider like exchanges like Binance do, where you can select 0-100% of your balance.

Dex dark theme alternating rows

When using the dex in light mode, it looks fine.

In dark mode though, you cannot see any alternating lines due to contrast. They are there, but very faint.

Hide ETH address in wallet

Right now if you have your account linked via MetaMask, a users ETH address is leaked publicly. Although it is kind of too late to erase history, I would recommend keeping this private and use encrypted memos if there is a reason to post the Ethereum address.

First Post

It would be cool to have a symbol that shows up on the first post of a user. Leo community likes to reward new users, it would be really handy to have a 1st emoji symbol show up, similar to the symbol if posted from LeoFinance.

Formatting errors on Post editor

I have reported this bug a few times, but it still persists and is very frustrating. When creating posts, there are some situations where line feed will be added and nothing can be done to remove it except change your post. The end result is like hitting the return key in the middle of a paragraph. It seems to trigger for some character combinations and the only way to avoid it is change your text until it stops happening.

Comment errors

There is still a phantom error related to the other issue I reported when posting nested comments. The error is benign and the action works, but it presents an awkward user experience.


I'm not 100% sure the conditions that creates this bug, but I have seen it quite a few times when leaving comments.

Remember previous vote

This one is simple but frustrating. LeoFinance does not remember the last vote you made so every vote you have to start at 100%. If you frequently vote 20% on Peakd, it will remember that and if you go to upvote two comments, it will already be set to 20%, on Leo it is always reset to 100%.

Don't remember last post

Frequently I find when I go to create a new post the new post is already filled out with my last post and I have to remove the title, body, and clear the tags to be able to make a new post.

Make the Geyser great again

Would be cool to have a display on LeoFinance with a countdown to the geyser. Could be a fun animation of a geyser getting ready to explode, or a countdown, or just a progress bar. I think this would be fun to see on the site. This of course would require the geysers to be consistent and predictable dates, like the first of the month ;).

Post horizontal scroll bar

I have noticed occasionally a horizontal scroll bar will show up when creating a post rather than word wrap. Not sure what triggers this, but it makes it difficult to create/edit posts when it does happen.

Replace Bitcointalk

BitCointalk is a major player in this space and it is likely it won't ever be replaced any time soon, but it would be cool to make attempts to make LeoFinance a big player in that arena. Implementing a trust system like BitcoinTalk's merit system would be cool as we know Upvotes and Rep are not a reliable measure of trust. I would recommend something that isn't easily gamed and has a bit of thought behind it.

That's all for today.

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Thanks for pointing out some of the issues on the interface.

Remember previous vote & comment errors have been my pain point so I resort to vote/respond via peakd or hive instead

Cool. Lots more to be found but this helps. has a lot of bugs since the last fork.

I'm not 100% sure the conditions that creates this bug, but I have seen it quite a few times when leaving comments.

I got this comment errors aswell. As a rule, however, this error occurs even though the comment is posted at the same time. I thought that the comment was possibly being searched for in the 2nd layer of Leofinance, while it had already been executed on Hive - so it could no longer be found and this error was spat out as a result.

I could only explain it in this direction, as the comments go through despite the error message. Maybe it's different for you, but I suspect not.

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Click balance
Click to buy this much

i think the addition of these 2 is a must. it is such a small thing that would make everything "easier"

Remember previous vote

as far as it concerns this, i have set for upvotes a certain percentage and every upvote now is that % except if i change it. The option was somewhere in the settings

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Both of your posts on this subject have been pretty amazing @themarkymark they are very lucky to have you making so many detailed suggestions. Feel free to do this anytime for peakd... I'm guessing you likely just DM @asgarth... but a post is fine and maybe gets other users to think about doing the same or interacting on feedback.

In march things are gonna start moving way faster so small things may start getting done at a faster rate than ever. We have a long list of small things to work on but even still they may be done really fast and we'll need some other small things to work on.

I do message Asgarth a lot and have made many suggestions.

@themarkymark these are wonderful suggestions that will make the leofinance platform to become so great and more valuable.....great job sir..

For example I notice that sometimes there are some comment errors that makes it late for comments to show until you refresh the page ....

I also want a situation whereby one can post directly from their social media account and it will be automatically posted on the leofinance platform as long as you have connected your social media account to your account on leofinance....

These are very good and important recommendations, especially the eth address fix.

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Very good suggestions indeed, especially on the leodex part. Would save so much time and effort :)

For the vote percentage you can actually set a different level for post and comment upvotes. It’s not exactly what you’re suggesting but it’s quite helpful (in settings).

I got the comment error sometime too when editing. At first I thought it was due to someone commenting on it at the same time but it’s absolutely not related haha

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I see some awesome suggestions in here even though I never used Leofinance so far. Great job! 😀

I agree with most of the suggestions as quite many would be very important and urgent as well. let's hope they will take your suggestions into consideration and implement as many as they can.

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very good suggestions

Remember previous vote

There is a default vote weight setting on the leo settings page for both posts and comments, and this works for me.

I have noticed another glitch, when you use dark mode, whenever the page loads it is first rendered in white and then switched to dark some seconds later, which is not a smooth UX.

This morning, upon seeing your Discord offer to the community to use your images @themarkymark, I have come to read these last two posts. For what it is worth @khaleelkazi, as an investor in LeoFinance, I think it should be readily apparent that @themarkymark has made a serious investment of his time to create these recommendations.

I hope you will invest the time to read them, give them serious consideration, and then let the community know which of them are "on the list," for future enhancements.

For my part, I have commented elsewhere about the favorable impression made of how much ground the LeoFinance dev team has made / is making on the Roadmap. That said, I believe an honest evaluation of "the state of the apps" would support the idea that addressing at least some of these recommendations is overdue.

Said differently, I would myself recommend a clear-eyed, transparent though process on the current balance of the LeoFinance community dev team's between creating new apps vs. fixing / enhancing the ones already "launched." Perhaps a good time would be after the launch of "Project Blank." Then a "breather" might be considered to fix a number of these "current app" shortcomings, before tackling the challenge of creating new ones.

Thank you for the investment of your time in your last two posts @themarkymark. They stand out to me as well thought out and well done.

My $0.02. On into my day ...

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This type of posting is why people do respect you, good hustle through these topics.

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Dark theme suggestion: Store the dark-theme option as a cookie parameter so that, for example, if the user does a shift-click on the LeoFinance logo, it opens with dark-theme already enabled (if the enabled it previously), even before the browser knows who's logged in.

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More info why you see this.

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Oh I was the 500th upvoter! Do I win something?