LBI Miner Scam Token, avoid. Update: Token delisted.

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A new token came on the market called LBIM which represents LBI Miners. As far as I can tell, these are fraudulent and you should avoid them until the official project confirms they are theirs.

The account behind it is a misspelling of the well known user @spinvest, using a similar avatar. It was also created a couple hours ago and funded with 90 Hive, enough to create a token and create some fake volume.

Looks like the user @tailah.bayu, purchased a few and hopefully they see my mention and avoid buying anymore unless the official @lbi-token team confirms this is legit. Until, avoid purchasing these tokens. I have reached out to one of the team members awaiting a confirmation.

If confirmed fraudulent, I hope @aggroed or someone on the Hive-Engine team can get this delisted quickly.

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Way to be on top of that shit

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Thank you so much.
Scammer is misusing the name of the winner on LeoFinance.
Similarly, I saw LEOG in November.
Note LEOG and LBIM as Scammers 's Hive-engine Tokens.

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Good catch!

Well spotted!

Oh no!

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Thanks a lot for the information sir 🙏

Where can you see trading history?

I assume you mean the names?

If so, you can view them on this fork

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Wow, that's tricky! Hopefully, people don't get scammed by falling for it.. Good catch!

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Thanks for putting the word out Marky, much appreciated.

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In a way it's flattering that someone wants to ( allegedly ) create fake coins on this blockchain, I mean we can prepare for when people will put serious effort into scams

I agree, its almost a complement they lite a nice big dumpster fire to get more attention to security on the blockchain.

Now we will all be more careful as well as informed thanks to this predicament.

Wherever there is money there are fraudsters.

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Hm thanks for the update.

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Cheers bluh

Thank you very much for the warning about this scam

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Good to know what the scam is. Thanks for the info. 👏 😎

Thanks for the heads up!

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Thank you also shared!

Good post

burn the scammers with firee

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No LBI miner.

That goes against the entire concept of LBI.

Can tokens be removed this is very concerning?

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They can be removed from showing up in Hive-Engine, it has been done before when I have reported scams.

Thanks! Can the user be identified to prevent them from trying it agin?

Not really, I had one lead, but it didn't pan out.

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What people do for money, quite speechless. Thanks for the prompt.

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Thank you for seeing and alerting us, I very much appreciate it.

Great job Marky. Any way to track down the creator of the token? My witness vote to you is well earned.

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Any way to track down the creator of the token?

Not really because the account was created anonymously, but I have one potential lead I am looking into.

My witness vote to you is well earned.


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Thanks a lot for this information

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Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to

Thanks for the heads up!

I'm so tired of those kind of people.

Damn it!

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Nice one!