Hive Engine Miner Break-Even updated

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I recently announced a new public tool to calculate the current break-even period for Hive Engine Miners.

You can find the tool here.

The tool allows you to choose a Hive Engine miner token and it finds out how long it takes to break-even on your initial investment.

It does this by checking the current price of the miner token and the token you mine. It then looks at your account history to find out how often you have mined the token in the last few days and how much the token you receive each mining event.

From there, it can calculate

  • How often you mine per day (avg and median)
  • How much Hive/day you earn if you sold it at current market price
  • How long it will take to break-even.

Since the announcement, I have made a few updates.

I have added the ability to look back further than 7 days. It also looks at your account history and calculates the average buy price of the miner token specific to your account and gives you an adjusted miner price and break-even period based on your current average buy price.

I have added addition miner tokens.

I have updated the tool to support both Scotbot Miners and Hive Engine Miner.

This last part is confusing, previously all Hive Engine miners were handled with Scotbot, the same engine that handles Tribes logic. Recently a new contract was created to support a dedicated Hive Engine Miner contract. New tribes created will use this contract rather than Scotbot.

This poses a problem as it is a very different approach to calculate this information so I was unable to get data on tokens like WORKERBEE, LOTUSM, and VIBESM.

I did some research and updated the tool to support both mining methods. The tool will automatically know which token is under which contract and do the appropriate work to get the information. No change to how you use the tool is needed. But now you will be able to analyze WORKERBEE, LOTUSM, and VIBES.

I also made some adjustments to look further back in history for very large users who receive a lot of mining events per day, this will allow you to look further back in history to get a more accurate display of your recent mining events.

For example looking at @brofund for WEEDMM, there are 450+ events/day. The default setting is to look back 7 days, but with the previous settings I was only able to capture about 2 days of history. I have changed it to allow it to look much further back for these situations, but also limit how far back so it doesn't take forever to load. While you can't go back 21 days in these extreme edge cases, you are able to look back about 14 days instead of one or two.

You can use the tool here.

If you know of any miners that are not currently supported, let me know and I will add them.

I am unable to add ARCHONM as they use a very different algorithm.

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Just gave it a spin and I like the updates thank you!

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Ah, now I can use it.. 0.79 years for my 52 VIBES miners, thanks!

Awesome tool, Thanks for sharing this will help to know what miners are even worth buying.

I know many beside weedm it ain't worth buying small amounts.

Very cool! Thanks for putting this together. I just picked up some of those new miners the other day. EDM or something like that. I am not sure what they are, but I know they were really expensive. I have a feeling the ROI is going to be really really long.

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You deserve to be stupid and end in hell.

Aww thanks. It means a lot to me to hear your opinion.

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Interesting, that's a fun tool to play around with! So the adjusted value is taking into account how much I actually did pay for the miners, that very useful.