Giving LeoFinance MetaMask integration a try

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I wrote a post about Leo Finance's MetaMask integration and how cool I thought it was.

I wanted to see for myself, how easy it is and how it works first hand. I have a passion for understanding things and knowing how things work. So I gave it a try!

Here is my experience.

I went to and logged out and clicked on Get Started to start the process.

So far, it was wicked easy!

I was then presented with a dialog box that gave me two options to sign up. Using Hive Onboard or MetaMask.

I love this process so far, but I would suggest adding a small bit of text explaining why a Hive account is and why I need one. This is a problem I'm trying to solve on STEMGeeks as well, I don't want to just drop users directly on HiveOnboard without any idea what Hive is and how it relates to STEMGeeks. It's a jarring and confusing experience. In this case we are using MetaMask, and most people in crypto already have this installed and know how to use it. Let's click Sign up with MetaMask.

Let's pretend I'm Mike's grandma and I'm trying to sign up for an account so I can share my thoughts on the price of cookie stocks my grandson Mike told me to buy.

Wonderfully the account is available and I go to claim it. Now my grandson will know exactly where to find me!

I am then prompted to sign a message confirming I own the ETH wallet. I removed the message and balance so Mike's grandma can have some privacy.

After what seemed like less than a second, I am welcomed to the Leo Finance community as a new member.

This is where I get curious, I want to see how things look at this point, how I get my keys, what I can do and if I can even get back in after I log out.

The first thing I do is go to the wallet. On the bottom it tells you are connected via your ETH wallet and lists your Ethereum address. You also have an option to download your Hive Blockchain Keys.

I went ahead and clicked on this to get the keys, and I was again prompted to sign a message and instantly the keys were downloaded to my computer, just like when you use Hive Wallet.

I went ahead and logged out, and tried to get back in as Mike's grandma.

This time I clicked Login and selected MetaMask.

I was then prompted to sign a message (similar to what Keychain does to be honest) and just like magic, I was in!


I also have the 4 Hive Keys to sign in that way if I wanted to.

This is truly awesome, and I hope it helps get more users on Leo Finance and ultimately Hive.

I do have a few suggestions though, and I'll hit up khaleelkazi and let him know.

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Wait till you see what sign up option @khaleelkazi is roling out next.

No leaks plz :P

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Fortunately Khal already let that out of the bag in one of his posts. LOL

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That looked pretty simple, I remember how hard it was to get on Steemit, things sure have come a long way when you look back. If mikes grandma can do it with Metamask, anyone should be able to learn!

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Ya, remember back in the day. I was waiting 30 days to be approved. and once I was...WARNING!!! Don't lose this...don't lose this there save the other

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Glad you did not find any major problem!
They have done an impressive good work.

Great and easy process isn't it? Now only thing we're missing is 40K users :)

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I think you made some good suggestions with explaining what Hive account is. Maybe even a link that explain I've in detail could be great.

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Khal likes suggestions.

Thanks for the step by step review through the process. This is helpful for those who are uncertain of the value to Leofinance and, ultimately, Hive.

Ease of use is vital for the next generation of crypto users. An easy sign up process if vital. The think I like is that, although, as an experienced Hive users, you went to the keys, most will not. They can operate and interact without even messing with them. Over time, some will learn more about what Leofinance is built upon and see the value is learning about their keys.

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I think it is already paying dividends. I have two non crypto buddies (New England guys) that have signed up through metamask cus they want to buy wLEO when it launches.

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Do you think more could be done to promote this in the general Hive community? For example, sign-ups here help Hive overall too.

What's the general consensus amongst Hive big hitters, with LeoFinance integrating Ethereum in this way?

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I thinking is an awesome feature and Leo has the distinct advantage of being crypto focused so most will know of or even have MetaMask already. I definitely see value for Hive and other dapps doing it as well. It’s basically Hive Keychain except for Ethereum.

so are you planning on adding this to STEM as well, most people there are tech-oriented and should have some notion of how it works

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Not right now. It's a big undertaking especially since we do not run a custom front end. With the small user base in the community I just can't justify it.

It’s amazing to see the progression and how they are taking this way above and beyond anything else on Hive! Looks super easy for people that already use ETH!

This is what communities need to become going forward. Hopefully we see some sort of tribe 2.0 or smt's or smt's light that allow people to make their own leofinance community and bring more people onto hive via separate interfaces.

sports.hive gaming.hive art.hive, stem

All with customization options to make them unique and targeted to their own audience with ad revenue, tokens and voting systems to suit each community.

We should have a hundred sites like this feeding users and value back to the blockchain going forward and every time there is a new innovation it can become an option for all of the tribes. Login, video,

Tools just need to be built once if they can be accessed easily for the everyday user to utilize on their own front end.

Work smarter not harder.

I would love to be able to start a hive based community and be able to have these tools as an option without needing to learn coding to improve the site. I wouldn't mind paying to have a hive/wordpress community solution.

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