Binance Steem Wallet Re-Open - Sell 'em if you got 'em

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For those who still have the luxury of having their Steem, Binance has opened their wallets again.

I was one of the 64 users who had their Steem stolen by Justin Sun and Steem illegitimate witnesses, so I don't have much to sell myself.

If you do have Steem, I would be concerned about it maintaining a listing after hard fork 23 stole 23,600,000 Steem from stakeholders.

Binance's Statement

Binance has stated they will support the fork even though they don't approve of it as it is the only way to allow their customers access to their Steem assets. In the future, they will reduce pairings for Steem.

I think there is a non-zero chance this will ultimately result in the removal of Steem from multiple exchanges. As of this time, Bittrex has yet to open their wallets or provide any update on the status.

As a top 20 witness on Hive, I do not and would not ever support the theft of tokens from someone's wallet. The fact this happened and the industry is not up in arms is really disappointing to me.

I had over 170,000 Steem (~$40,000 USD) stolen from my Steem wallet. I would be pretty depressed and disheartened with crypto right now if it wasn't for my excitement about the future of Hive.

Not financial advice, just my laymen's opinion.

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Ya that is a tough position, I wish his air drop coins of hive would have just been swapped with your guys steem. That everyone is out of each others project and free to go on in life with no value lost. I will throw some up votes your way to help with the sting of losing out, not much, but hopefully it will help

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In part due to the way you got treated, I sold my small stack of STEEM and bought/traded/earned my way up to 7000 HP. That represents a $5000 initial investment and 3 years of full-time effort, so I too hope that HIVE has a bright future.

Maybe 4th year is the one where wonders happen for you....

Had to go through something similar like that....

Binance has taken such a brave stance om this matter. My admiration of them for their courageous actions and outstanding morality continues to grow. /s

Did anyone expect them to do anything different? In anycase, I'll be 99% done with Steem come July.

I hope you and all the other people on that list of 84 get their Steem back before it is worthless. You also deserve adequate compensations and sincere heartfelt apologies for your pains and sufferings and loss of revenue for curation and interests from steem powers.

In the meanwhile, keep making steem great.

keep making steem great.

Am I reading this right?

What is Justin's plan?

Probably to scam Warren into buying Steem.

Oh God no, but what will he do with noone on it anymore? He's f'd up majorly?

He'll sacrifice himself and buy all the Steem so others don't fall for it.
Warren The Savior Buffet

So confused haha

Disclaimer: I was joking

This is so they both don't sue me

I can't believe they robbed you man. I was wondering what the latest was. Hopefully Bittrex comes to their senses!

Dump day is tomorrow for me!

I will pray and hope you get back your 170k Steem and soon. Don't forget to send some for me when you do so I can help you dump! Thanks in anticipation.
Yours fellow hiver minnow Melissaofficial

Thanks for this advice and I'm so sorry about your stolen funds 😭😢 it must have hurt so much

Thanks for the heads up made my transfer

Marky, what about the 23 million sent to Bittrex? That's where your money is, right? I think you'll should move fast and claim it from Bittrex by figuring out a way to show that you'll are the rightful claimant. I don't think that Sun fellow is not eyeing that money already.

Yes that is partially my Steem. Bittrex hasn't decided what to do yet. They also haven't decided to run the fork yet, if they run the fork they support the theft, if they don't then all their customer's steem is held hostage.

It is not a good situation for them to be in.

I am glad that there is at least one honest Exchange. See, the trouble for you guys is that the money cannot be returned to you (I mean, the 23 million) without running the fork. Even if they run the fork they will require time to figure out who's money that 23 million is as it will still be lying in one account, the keys of which are now with Justin. A tricky situation. Should they fork and risk your money or should they not fork and allow the 23 million to lie there indefinitely? Of course, I know you'll would have realized that long back, but just saying.

Wow, I could write a novel on that.

thats savage.

I have just sold :)

In no time at all you'll get that Lambo!

Thanks so much for posting this. I've been waiting to send my little bit of Steem over to Binance for a week or so now. :D Greatly appreciated!

In less than two day I will get my next Steem Power Down. I will be able to sell around 500 STEEM.

170,000 steem??? Jesus

Thats Bad and Sad😪

Dump day it is !

Great! But I would like to buy APPICS token from my POWER DOWN Steem Token... A bit of investment very slowly but can help the community and others...

Good news and thanks for the info. I have a stash about to become liquid tonight.

Well here's hoping you get your Steem back, that's a tough one to let go if you don't!

Nobody here buying? The market is open.

got some
will sell some
thx for the info

What did Bittrex do with the funds?

Nothing yet, still deciding.

I think, you will get it.

I have mostly been using Steem Engine to get rid of my Steem and can't believe people are buying. I think I will keep around 500 and just delegate to some vote selling service. This is something I would normally never do but that place has lost all sense of honor and social value. .

Will blocktrades open its door for hive/steem pair for instant transaction.

Someday, steem follow the fate of Lino blockchain.

it is possible you receive your coin back since it wasn't in justinsun disposal any longer and I don't think bittrex would eat what does belong to them. it might be a hard decision for them but soon enough they will reach a consensus on what to do with those coins.

Surely STEEM is in for a HUGE dump??

Thank you for that update! Been trying to get the last of mine out for a few weeks since they cut off Blocktrades.

Thanks for letting us know!
Right timing, my next weekly dump is due today :)

Makes me wonder who the sucker is that's buying all the Steem up. They have to know by now that they could own and power up 99% of the Steem, and Sun would still control the blockchain. Granted, you could own zero Steem and do a fork off the chain and give yourself 100% of the new tokens, but just like Steem those new tokens would be as attractive as pink eye on a first date.

I'd love to know that as well. Surprisingly I have had no problems selling large amounts of Steem without impacting the price.

Definitely off load your Steem while you still can! That ship is fast sailing into the sunset. Soon enough, those who keep buying and supporting it will fall off and the price is going to tank. I'm very surprised it hasn't tanked yet but there are still a lot of bag holders left that are holding onto hope.

Hope you get back your earned Steem man.


I think I've got another 2 weeks of powerdown left, only 116 steem but still.

Has Bittrex still made no decision on what to do with the Steem that was sent to them? I keep hoping they will distribute it to its original owners on the exchange.

The have not but this is not a normal situation and there are regulations and protocols that make this difficult to navigate. I suspect it will take time.

I think it's a good sign though that they didn't just immediately pass the money back to the sender. That is at least somewhat encouraging.


Just went over there to create my account, what's your referral ID? My small gift to ya.

I wonder if anybody has made a tutorial on how to convert STEEM to HIVE using Binance?


Thanks for the information, and bummer that happened to you and others.

I sold some before they closed it and powered up 1000 hive from it. Not too shabby.


Thanks for the info.

well, everyone need to decide it themselves

What exchanges can I use to change my steem into hive? I'm in the USA and if I remember correctly Binance no longer allows deposits or withdrawals from people located within the USA.

I believe Binance (if you have an account already or use a VPN) and Ionomy

I do have a Binance account but a while back they said they were not going to operate in the USA anymore so anyone from the USA could still trade tokens if they were already in their accounts but users could no longer make or withdraw deposits.

Give it a try again, many still work.

Good to know. Thanks.

@themarkymark When I want to withdraw my Hive coins from binance to my Hive account the hive address is my Hive username is that right?

Yes. And you do not need a memo to receive funds. Only when sending to an exchange or any "shared account".

Thank you.

Yeah... i still have my steem because I didn't try to freeze company assets.