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RE: Will you buy $10 of Hive with me?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Hey @themarkymark,
in general i really like your content and enjoy reading it. But this type of posts for me is too close to pump & dump schemes. Also i think there isn't much content in these posts of yours.

There is nothing wrong with you or other users regulary buying hive, but announcing it in this way makes me feel shady about it. Even though 10$ isn't much it might be used by others to buy hive, wait for your next post of this kind and selling at higher prices to your followers.


No where did I suggest selling, in fact that’s what most people are doing, I am trying to change the narrative.

Also hard to dump when I am suggesting powering it up for 13+ weeks.

Cult like is it not, as in invest in me. Steemit was just the same, not interested in cults, selling, buy off me Mark oh wonderful leader you.