SIM price makes investing into dCity easier - Running for president to modify taxes if I win

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Buying SIM for random cards is better than using Hive now

If you have ever wanted to invest some Hive into dCity but haven't been too sure because of how much you would need to get started, even for a small but SIM making city, then that's the very thing you should buy right now, while the price is right.

Normally if you buy 10 random cards with Hive it would be 40 Hive ($5.76 USD) or the SIM equivalent at pegged 0.005 prices is 8000 SIM.
But right now with such a lower price, you will only pay about 30 Hive ($4.32 USD) which will save you 10 Hive per 8000 SIM or $1.44 USD you decide to buy if you are buying a heap of random cards, whereas buying from the market is sometimes going to be a similar price to the Hive amount, due to people charging more SIM because of the price so it is closer to the value in Hive.

Another option when buying the SIM is to hold onto it and wait for the price to go back up, which it definitely will, especially when more announcement posts come out and when 3rd edition is finally announced. People will want to buy more SIM in preparation for buying the new cards in 3rd edition by doing random pulls as you won't get them off the market until people have been listing them, which could be more expensive at first as well.

sim price chart.PNG

buying 8k sim.PNG

So theoretically if you average your random draws to the 40 Hive normal range, then you are looking at making 10 Hive per 10 draws if you are buying up the SIM and using that to do them.

Not only that, if you are building you city and decide to first do some random draws before buying off the market it will lessen the amount of Hive required to invest into the game, which returns a quicker profit.
So if you decide to hold onto the SIM instead then say you sell when it gets back to 0.0045, you could essentially make back about 6 Hive ($0.86 USD) per 8000 SIM you bought which is quite a bit unless you sell sooner when the price goes to a level you want to sell at.

if price is.PNG

Running for president in case my non static taxes help

We currently have had no real luck with presidents and their taxes, always either being a factor of bringing down the SIM price or not being a buffer to help out to slow or stop the price decline.

War tax gives plenty of SIM to people holding Military Industrial Complex's and means that if a whole lot of those people were SIM sellers, well that increased inflation in available SIM would mean they would be able to sell a lot more of it, contributing toward the decline in price.

We NEED a CHANGE and I will look to take off war tax and if people start realising what taxes actually can do and price rises a little after 10 days into my term, 2 days of war tax will go on to reward them. But due to high income tax, I would just keep police tax on and set a higher basic tax, which then I will start helping smaller cities out like I previously did, using a big chunk of the president salary to give back and help out so more people can grow!

No doubt @gerber is waiting for people to see the effects of a lower SIM price and the effects of tax, before releasing another announcement post, but these posts can help boost the price and I would love to put in place the higher basic tax to go with income tax and see it's effects and I am normally not one to enjoy too high tax and not too low.

But I want to see more announcement posts once he is ready to post them, plus the rise in the SIM price once more to watch it bounce back from such a lower amount to what it has been.

So why not vote me, considering it's not going well for presidents of dCity lately and you got nothing to lose, but maybe more to gain? I am always and will always be for the people! But a change needs to happen to help the people in the near future.


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If you win the presidency could you make it so that new people starting in the game could get a few free cards so the game can start off as a free to play game, like Cryptobrewmaster and Risingstar?

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If there are people with no cities at all but are keen to check it out, I can easily help out to get them going, if I win and become president.
May make them more inclined to eventually invest some Hive in, after seeing the passive income grow and wanting it to grow quicker.

If not, I am going to #stormthecapital just kidding

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He can send you his cards (anyone can) but there is no way a president can change this awful and mean game mechanics.

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And which mechanics are the mean ones? I don't see any real mean ones. :P

I just voted on you but it seems my vote is worth zilch, as I don't hold any SIM ( Since the start of this month, I have been reinvesting my daily payout in DCity ).

Although I enjoy the game, the main reason to start playing it was to create another layer of ( more or less ) passive income to my wallet. I was planning to take out my earnings from February onward, as I already reached the max amount of Hive I was willing to invest. The current SIM price and taxes are making me doubt this decision atm. And a third edition might change my mind too.

Have a nice day!

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