Helping someone new in dCity to make their investment return a little quicker!

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We all started somewhere

For a while now I have occasionally helped other cities out, smaller cities to grow their initial investment into a slightly quicker return. This picked up a little more since becoming dCity president just over 2 weeks ago for my first term and due to getting presidents salary in the form of extra SIM, I wanted to do some extra gifts so more of the small cities could earn more, because this is one of the best investment returns for a game that I have come across.

This post is inspired by @luca-legend who started creating helping posts which was partly inspired by our talks about cities we want to help and how I let some people know in the dCity discord I was using some president salary to do so for no gain in return. We all started somewhere in the game, I know I invested a bunch of spare money earlier on to grow quickly and the $$$ value of my cards is at least 2.5x or more what I put in.

This is what the city of @ykretz started off at, with the daily SIM income being at 66 a day which is small but considering the HIVE value of the cards is there, with cards able to be sold at any time they want, you gain more than you put in.


Because there were 8 people free to work, I decided to send across 4 forest cards to make do with those people in earning extra SIM.


As you can see it has giving an increase of 13 SIM every day, on top of the 66 already earned. This gives another 0.06214 HIVE a day on top of the already earned 0.31548 HIVE a day and while it seems small to bigger earners, I think it would seem big to @ykretz and will definitely help gain a small but quicker return on investment with the possibility of investing SIM back in to grow bigger!


So this has been the city I felt could do with support as they put what they could into investing into a great game and if you have yet to even check it out as an investment opportunity, head on over to the info page at dCity info to see what it is all about.

Join up on dCity if you are looking to invest even a smaller amount since the cards are there to sell whenever you want too, then work on growing your city with the help of many experienced people in the dCity discord channel that will help you understand it and what some strategies are, or the cards do etc etc.

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A true president by the people and for the people.
Really nice how our chats about helping smaller players has turned into a more structured approach.
Giving new players a little nudge and posting about it, gets the word out on Dcity and shows the fibre of our community.

A nice little mix of samaritans and warmongerers (yes i am talking about you @troll3838) grin

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Your big dCity rewards makes it easy for you to help out even more, mine are still good but not something I can always do yet.

It's a good feeling to share with these people we gift so they don't wonder why their city changed 😁

Hoping even more people start deciding to join up as they see our posts and the posts of others!

I prefer they invest in the game. I started with 5 HIVE too lol.

like if you buy cards but can't afford the HIVE to buy those population cards then I would do that. ( only if I have spare money :D )

Well if you don't agree with the gifting aspect, than just consider it marketing funds. ;-)
My post are steadily popping up in the popular section of Leofinance and with the new users they are aiming for, being visible there, will bring those new users also to Dcity.

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hmm agree :D

Thanks again for your help !

You're welcome and with the help of luca, you got a nice roughly 23 SIM income a day boost and hopefully you keep growing and boosting it further!

I hope too !

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eww still 3 pepo idle

Reputation does that
He was gifted more cards as well, since luca send some. So he has 23 extra SIM a day and sounds happy just being gifted things.

yeah ik

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