How Leofinance is Helping People that come from places with Unstable Economy

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In my profile, a few days ago I posted an article about how @Leofinance is the Future of Social Media, while making my points there I also mentioned high amounts of rewards that are given to authors.

Let's start with me Joining the Leofinance Community

Ok, I found about @Leofinance from a post that was made in Publish0x. There was this guy @sapphire which posted an article there saying "how he made 20$ of rewards in a post in Leofinance"... I also covered this in my Introduction post.
When I came here I saw a post of a women sadly I forgot how her username was (if someone knows her username, please tag her)...But she wrote an article how @Leofinance helped her out to pay for her daughters pills and also for the food. She talked about how bad is the economy in her place.

This is where @Leofinance and it's community got my respect!

Moving further on, I found an exceptional support from the community and also from the #whales of Leofinance on my Journey as a new author.
In just a month, I accumulated more than 200$ in Leo coins.

Moving further!
There was this guy that goes by username @yayogerardo who lives in Mexico...he wrote in a post that with a amount of 15$ he can buy food for a week! (Now think about it, in Leofinance you can get that amount in just one good article).

And the last but not least!

In a article from @fabian98 he showed what he could buy with less then 10$, he showed what he can buy with 10 Leos in his country, Venezuela. Because of the inflation, the minimum wage there goes as low as 2$...and let me tell you in some places you can't even buy a meal with that.
To have a better idea of how much is the worth of 10 Leos in some places please go and check his post.
He got this idea from another Ukranian author @blind-spot who made a similar article go check that as well.


@Leofinance is already helping people out. One more thing, a really, really significant thing is that some people are providing and securing their existence with Leo or at least having a big support by what they make in here.

New authors with good articles can make up to 200$ a month, this will increase with time. There are great authors here that make up to 1k a month and let me tell you that there are people in some places that make roughly 1k in a year.

This is also a big reason why Leofinance have and people using it have a great future.

Special thanks to the big curators who actually make this happen!

And many-many others. *I randomly added all the curators that I could think of. Listing is totally random and if I forgot someone this wasn't intentionally. Please tag or let me know if I forgot someone!


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If this article is. I am a single mother of a 3-year-old girl, the first weeks I was in Leofinance I was able to cover the expenses of medicine and food for my daughter ...
If Leofinance is helping many people that today the country's economy is very unstable.


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Thanks for posting your article. I hope you and your daughter are doing well.

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Let’s not forget about the system underneath Leo, the hive blockchain! Without hive to power it, it wouldn’t be possible. You also earn rewards on hive from posting here as well so keep an eye on that. It’s really great to be able to reward people throughout the world for posting content on here and helping them do things that many others aren’t aware of. It gets around the crippling sanctions and debt the countries are being forced to endure for one reason or another. That’s humanity at work!

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Sure thing!

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It will surely encourage more people to join leofinance.

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That will happen only if we do our part to help spread the word.

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It's a real boon for countries whose currencies depreciate sharply. It is currently creating its own infrastructure in the network and independence from central banks.
I hope these governments don't block this change and ban cryptocurrencies.

I hope so as well!

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It doesn't have to be a bad economy anywhere in the world. It is a choice everyone is making as a huge chain. It will require a huge movement in chain-link to have no more poverty. Solutions are offered all the time. What if we all continued to keep distributing our labors fruits to the world for free just like a tree works for free to give you the air you already breathe?

Love how nature solves our "problems", but how many are actually listening to her?


Today with 33 pesos I had left over from the 200 I had left over from yesterday, I just bought bread, 2 tomatoes, and dish soap. Yesterday with the 200, I bought: half a kilo of diced pork, 2 tomatoes (lol, this is a regular for me), tortillas, eggs, 10 gallons of purified water in one jug (10 pesos), 50 pesos of my medicine of choice (cannabis), eggs, and 8 burritos for 12 pesos each AND K-9 food (1 kilo, although the pork is also for the dog. She needs it more than me for her breast milk.).

Working as an electrician has its upsides, but also its downsides. It pays really well, but there is very little work going around. Especially around these times. So little by little I am focusing on being more here as a side gain. But Mostly here for the decentralization.

Thank you for the mention @theatdhe !

Many of these stories, I have come across here, both in Leo and Hive, and I can be part of this, I can only tell you that I am a graduate in two university careers, with 2 postgraduate degrees and more courses than I can count, producer of a radio program, a curriculum that I was amassing for years in order to see an excellent future, but unfortunately I am from Venezuela and all that effort, the state rewards me with an annual salary of $ 15, at the price of the current $. 2 good publications from my part in Hive, reward me much more than a working year, that's why I bet for Hive, and I am interested in entering the world of Leo. Greetings from Venezuela.

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