I'm Pretty Much Done With Twitter, Focusing on LeoFinance, Peakd, and Dbuzz

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I started writing this earlier in the week then put it on the back burner. I'm not a super big fan of social sites. I'm one of the few people I know that never had a Facebook account. If it wasn't for cryptocurrency I probably would have never gotten involved with Twitter in the first place. At one time I did find Twitter to be useful source of information. I can find most of what I'd need on Twitter on LeoFinance now. Besides the freindships do I really need crypto Twitter anymore?

For some time now I've questioned the value Twitter adds to my life. Repeatedly I've asked myself these questions. Does it entertain me? Does it make me happy? Am I learning anything? Am I earning anything? Why do I spend so much time there?

The short and simple answer to these questions is NO Twitter doesn't make me happy as a matter of fact, more times than not it has the opposite affect. Frankly the political commentary and propaganda often make me quite sad. It has probably been quite some time since I've recieved any educational value from it. I have earned a little money with affiliate codes. The money certainly isn't life changing or making any real difference in my life. I'm starting to seriously question the value Twitter adds to my life.

I suppose the reason I spend so much time there is because it does indeed entertain me. I have made a few friends and the engagement is better than on most sites. Seriously though, out of 40K + followers I probably interact regularly with under 50 people. Still the engagement is great and entertaining.

Since the start I've questioned the time I spend there. In the beginning I learned a lot about trading. It was also a good indicator of where the buzz was at and the types of coins the community was getting behind. It was also a good place for research and industry resources. Try to search a coin now by $CASHTAG and you immediately realize this once great research tool is now useless and filled with shills and spammers. There was always a lot of shilling going on but it was easy to separate the hype from serious interest. For the most part, Twitter has all but lost that aspect of it's usefulness. On top of that, I can find much more informative posting on @LeoFinance now.

With its usefulness for crypto research largely diminished we're left with some humorous shitposting, crypto shilling, affiliate sharing, and A LOT OF POLITICAL COMMENTARY AND PROPAGANDA!

The propaganda is so bad on Twitter my trending sidebar is set to Japanese so I can't understand what it says. I noticed this well before BLM/Antifa protests. I've tweeted about it several times going on several years now. On top of that it ruins my Twitter experience. If I wanted a propaganda barrage I'd pick up the local newspaper or turn on the MSM news.

This now leads me to why I think I'm through spending countless hours on Twitter. I abhor censorship. I get some things are "acceptable censorship" for instance not allowing adult imagery on a family friendly site. Makes perfect sense and is perfectly acceptable. I think what I hate more than censorship is "selective censorship". Last night I found the perfect thread and example of selective censorship that really chapped my ass.

Before we get started lets lose the left vs right mentality that seems so popular lately. I'm not left or right. I think both sides make some valid points. Again, let's remove Trump / Biden from our vocabulary for the sake of this article and the point I'm trying to make. This has nothing to do with either of them and I could care less about any of that right now. My issue is with balance and fairness and pointing out a good and outrageous example of "selective censorship".

Last night I came across a Twitter thread about Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. The thread alleged that a snuff video was found on Anthony Weiner's computer. You may remember this man got caught sexting an underage girl and was married to Hillary Clinton's staffer Huma Abedin around the time of Hillary's election. The thread went on to say that a video allegedly showed Hillary and Huma cutting the face off a young woman while she was still alive and drinking her blood for Adrenochrome or something.

Now I have to go here.... After everything that has happened with alleged election fraud and anything referring to it on Twitter getting the fact check warning or removed I Tweeted, "This is the stuff that's fueling the crazy yet no fact check."

I then get slammed for pointing out such a thing. How dare I assume this is fake news. With a few people chiming in and defending the offending post.

This is now full blown idiocy. This is the world we're living in. Election fraud bad, flat earth and shape shifting blood drinking pederast alien politicians good.

Animation found on giphy.com

I could care less about Trump or Biden, but election fraud is something I do care about. I'm a libertarian, if this election was rigged, all elections hereafter will be a sham. There will never be a chance for a true "peoples candidate" or Libertarian to ever take the presidency. This isn't about a side it's about the integrity of the election. We can go on and on about the fraud being disproved, but it's obvious this election was not completely kosher.... Please, believe whatever you like. This post has nothing to do with that. I'm not commenting on this topic in comments. My point is, this is a legitimate concern and in need of further research. To some extent I suppose shape shifting government aliens is a legitimate concern as well. 🤣

What we have though is ... Possibility of election fraud needing to be looked at more closely NOT OK vs shape shifting reptoid blood drinking pederasts in government PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE.

What the hell is going on! Now the thread didn't mention the shape shifting reptoids but that's the rabbit hole we're going down. Still accusing Hillary Clinton and one of her staffers of murder and blood drinking alone would seem outrageous enough. If you do the research and look into Jeffrey Epstein it's obvious something is happening with our political elites. Again DYOR that's not what this is about. On top of that if you research the PizzaGate debacle that led to a man walking into the Pizzeria and firing shots at a likely innocent man. This is insanity. Even with all that has happened Pizza Gate posts are perfectly acceptable on Twitter with no fact check. Seriously, if you don't see the danger and hypocrisy in all this I don't know what else to say.

What this is about is a subject that may need further research being censored or banned, and another subject that could be deemed "equally ridiculous" if you want to go there but yet somehow we look the other way. The scary part is, A LOT of people believe shape shifting aliens have taken over the government and have a network of underground tunnels throughout the US that are connected to pizzerias and they're eating our children! You can't make this shit up! This is why everyone is getting so darn wacky acting. THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE!

I'm done with all the idiocy! I started to use Twitter to get crypto info, do research, and meet other people in the industry. It served it's purpose but I think it has now outgrown it's usefulness. From now on I'm focusing my crypto interests on LeoFinance, posting my fun and personal stuff to Peakd and I'll be spending less and less time on Twitter mainly using the platform to promote my HIVE interests and maybe shill some affiliate links.

I've never had a Facebook account. I'm down to using YouTube only for guitar and music related stuff. I'll stop using YouTube as soon as there is an alternative for those categories. I'll use Twitter to keep in touch with my crypto friends and promote HIVE and affiliate marketing spending as little time there as possible.

Social networks are private companies, but they are also the voice of the world right now. When that voice is silenced or selectively censored they become extremely dangerous to all of us. Personally and I feel very strongly about this, I think SELECTIVE censorship is more dangerous than MISINFORMATION. I'm smart enough to figure things out on my own and believe most other people are as well. You're always going to get that fringe group who believe in shape shifting aliens and a flat earth. YOU CANT FIX STUPID. Nothing we do will fix this.

Until we stop using these platforms and make political and selective censorship completely unacceptable, these companies will always have the power to sway elections and shape future society how they see fit. We are the product of social media in more ways than one. When an exodus of users costs them advertising revenue and people start using these platforms less and less they'll change their behavior very quickly. Social media has been the source of cancel culture The Dood is canceling social media! My intent is to only focus on platforms that support free speech and liberty like LeoFinance, Peakd and other Hive based platforms!

The revolution will not be Tweeted or Televised but likely decentralized!

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Twitter can be shithole, but depending on who you follow it can also be entertaining. There's about a billion people on there and most will not be talking about politics, conspiracies or crypto. What we see in our 'bubbles' will not be representative. But I can imagine doing without it. I can get obsessed with social media though.

I will admit to following US events with interest. I don't think there was significant fraud and if there was then both sides would be doing it. I just think the actions of the loser in chief encouraged more people to vote. He just can't accept that due to serious personality flaws.

As for censorship, I am torn on it. Would you object to thousands of ISIS accounts that might share beheading videos being blocked? That has happened. Twitter is a company and they will do what is in their interest. The hate-mongers will find some other platform, but they will lose a lot of attention through these actions. Maybe some will end up on Hive. I hear that others who have not encouraged violence have also been banned at various times, but I don't have details on why.

I will use what is useful to me. I have FB to stay in touch with people who use nothing else. Twitter could be disposable.

I honestly love Twitter or at least the people I've allowed into my circle. There is a lot that bothers me about mainstream social sites though. Besides the selective censorship we have algorithms dictating what is seen and how things trend, shadow banning and several other issues. For me this is just the straw that broke the camels back. It's really not even about the "fraud" but about closing the conversation about its possibility and only allowing views that disprove the allegations. Ironically, and I'm not pro-ISIS I've said in the past that I would not want to see beheading videos (this falls under decency) I do however feel they deserve a place to air grievances and voice their opinions like anyone else. I may not always agree with free speech but will defend peoples rights to it. If there are no calls to violence, I don't see the issue. I also believe violence tends to ensue when people feel ignored or overlooked and resort to this madness to grab attention. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. We've had this conversation before though.

I think mainstream social sites have their purpose and usefulness and would never judge anyone for using them. I'm just choosing to limit my activity and opting out as much as possible. I do think we all need to question how much influence these companies now have over our lives and even the way they may influence our thoughts and behavior.


I've been online for a long time and twenty years ago we could not have imagines billions using any service. These companies have grown incredibly quickly and society has not adjusted to them fully. The law cannot keep up. Just makes me laugh when some of them complain it's like communism when it's actually capitalism in action and if their was state control then they would have been able to deplatform their opponents. I still can't believe that someone on Fox compared the Parler shutdown to Krystalnacht! Especially given that there were Nazis in the Capitol.

I think the Parler app is an interesting case too. I seen a meme the other day that went something like...

Don't like Twitter build your own app.

An app gets built but now Google and Apple delist the app.

People continue to use the app, and it loses its hosting.

Where does this end, do we have to build a whole separate internet now just to protect free speech.

I certainly don't have all the answers and don't even know where to begin but I think there is a really big discussion here that we all need to have. I suppose we could all go dark and start utilizing the darkweb for free speech but I think if it comes to that we've already created our dystopia. When people have to rely on darkweb services to organize or voice oppositions we really need to question the society we are living in. I honestly would have never even fathomed this conversation 20 years ago.

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Joined Parler the moment I deleted my Twitter Account, 1st action, searched on the Tags #hive #hiking #cycling #newzealand #outdoors. Was pleasantly surprised to find like minded people. Oh how quickly that was short lived.

Like you I joined Twitter because of HIVE, to promote the blockchain.

Never used Facebook, family still can't understand why. No regrets there.

I get questioned all the time why do I use Linux, it cannot play any decent games. It plays DCity.io, but here's the thing, I am moving away from big tech.

  • Browser: Brave (Google cookies, and others blocked)
  • Search Engine: Duckduckgo.com
  • Alt Social Media: GAB, Minds, Bitchute. Been on these before getting involved with STEEMIT.

Taking a good look at YouTube, HIVE is making it more easier for me to ditch YouTube.

People make the platform, not the other way round!

Awesome post...

You're my kind of people.

Parler was short lived and what was done to deplatform that company is also unacceptable. We really need to start questioning the power these companies have over us and the internet.

I also love the Brave browser, I try to shy away from Google products as much as humanly possible, and love alternative social media sites.

People make the platform, not the other way round!

And this is exactly why I love our HIVE community! So true and well said. Thanks for commenting.


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I get questioned all the time why do I use Linux.

For me it's not about the games but I get questioned if I am a programmer or a hacker (the common conception of it apparently). I am not by a profession but I enjoy puzzle and linux is an interesting and interactive puzzle. I still play games. Thankfully, the games I like are available on linux. So, it never really an issue.

I use a lot of alternatives and alternatives front-end. I mentioned in the previous comment that I enjoy discovering these and I often write a short review about the apps I tried which are mostly open source and alternative software.

I hate social media and quite honestly don't see the point. The likes of Facebook I can't stand and don't have a Facebook account personally as I just don't get it. How shallow and pathetic must one be to think others are interested in what they are doing. Friends and family who you care about should know anyway so I have never got the lets load this up type content. I think we are all better off without this type of thing and hopefully others will see exactly what it is and switch off. Twitter I don't get either and is kind of in the same category as all the other crap.

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I feel pretty much the same way about most social media. I didn't get Twitter until I got into crypto. It was a good tool for research and also following the market. It's changed a lot over the years though. I have to agree though, in a lot of ways I think we'd be a lot better without it (social media in general).

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More info why you see this.

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Thanks Toruk @onealfa.leo

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I use Twitter to promote #hive and #leo and this is a good platform to bring more awareness to the hive. Even after microblogging by leo, I will continue to use Twitter for hive promotion.

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Pretty much where I'm at right now. Appearances can be important. I'd like to hop on about an hour a day, check messages, promote what needs promoting and get off. I'd like to see us (Hive community) get to the point where we don't need Twitter, YouTube or any of these mainstream social sites anymore!

Honestly I can't help but think of the old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink." I don't understand why so many people in the crypto community don't embrace Hive and further support a blockchain project involved in social media? I've onboarded a few new people, but you would think the crypto community would arrive in mass numbers just to support one of its own.

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I think you have made a very good choice. From the threads I have read on Twitter, I have to say that it is the most toxic out of the major social media we have today. I love the fact that you mentioned @dbuzz I have seen some of your posts there. Most people don't know much about https://d.buzz despite making it to the Top 100 DAPPs recently.

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From the threads I have read on Twitter, I have to say that it is the most toxic out of the major social media we have today.

I really think you're right. Crypto Twitter used to be a really fun loving community and much different from the rest of the platform. It too has changed a lot over the last couple years. I much prefer the Hive Vibe to Twitter.

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Bitcoin maximalism and other forms of tribalism contributed to that lot. I have seen similar toxic attitudes on many popular cryptocurrency subreddits.

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I was gonna call out the maximalists in that reply too. Maximalism is extremely toxic to the community in general. Some of them take it way to far too. I totally agree!

At least we rarely have these issues in the HIVE ecosystem.

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I love the concept of Twitter and I find it the most entertaining media out there. For the obvious reason, I choose Hive over it and would like to see @dbuzz as a decent alternative.

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I think dbuzz is a little "raw" in its current form but it could truly be a top contender. Great community too. With a little spit shine and polish dbuzz could be a game changer for on-boarding people sick of Twitter or people who like the idea of a blockchain based micro-blogging platform.

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I've always felt like Twitter is quite the time suck. I have been on there more lately because I have been sharing my Hive/Leo posts hoping to get some more traction. I stay away from the political stuff, but even the crypto stuff is pretty much just this person or that saying "shill me your favorite alt" day after day. Is it really that hard to look at the post someone put up the day before to see what altcoins people are excited about.

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A time suck is the perfect phrase too. IMHO Twitter has lost most of its crypto usefulness a long time ago. It's still helpful to gauge community excitement but it's nothing like the site I joined back towards the end of 2013. As I was thinking about this the other night I realized most of the information I was looking for could be found right here on LeoFinance, so problem solved for me. Why waste much more time there when my time can be better spent and rewarded elsewhere.

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So true and just wait for microblogging. You will feel just like the good old days!

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the world, (or at least the US for sure) has gone mad.

it's kind of funny (kind of not) I grew up in florida as a southern redneck listening to lynyrd skynyrd and waving the rebel flag

i didnt really know it was a battle flag for pro slavery - i just thought it was a piece of cloth that was for rebels going 'against the grain'

Once i actually knew what it represented I gave it up

we moved to the pacific northwest to raise our kids because the edumacation is a little better

I'll admit i'm not the brightest bulb in the box - but i just don't know how SO MANY people can actually believe in that conspiracy shit - those people are just batshit crazy.

I would blame it on the education system - but I'm 50ish - the same age as the rest nutballs that belive that crap.

I just don't get it - maybe it's something in the water LOL

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I just don't get it - maybe it's something in the water LOL

LMAO I say this all the time. I actually hope they discover they are drugging the water because it would certainly explain a lot! I'd almost be relieved 🤣

I think there are some truths to many conspiracies, but the theories become wackier and wackier.

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Lol. Well, I am not a big fan of social media neither.
I am still very much surprised that you still catch some fun on Twitter. I have never been there for more than 10 minutes so I don't know about Twitter fun.
I only created a Twitter account because of Hive.

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I've had my account since 2014 so I've made a few friends on there. It used to be a really great place for the crypto community in general to meet and share ideas. It was like LeoFinance with a character limit LOL. Crypto Twitter still has it's fun moments, but it's a shell of what it used to be! Thanks for supporting HIVE on Twitter. That's pretty much going to be my main use for it as well now.

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Oh wow! Then I really must have been missing out a lot. Yes, I believe you should use it for that purpose now.
Blog on! :)

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I’m deleting my Facebook about today. I was just waiting for my data to be delivered so I can save my pics. That’s all. Next one will be WhatsApp, and very soon Instagram will be just for business

That's awesome! I'm starting to have a business only attitude with all these mainstream social sites too. Good policy!

We still need Twitter to tell the world about decentralisation and HIVE until HIVE reach critical mass

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I'll definitely keep promoting HIVE on there. Probably more than I have been. I'm trying to limit my Twitter time to a few hours a week compared to a few hours a day currently. Eventually, I'd like to drop it all together.

Eventually, I'd like to drop it all together

So do I ?

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And not only the traditional social networks, also the TV is full of so much garbage that they use as entertainment for people who make them start believing stupid things and stop focusing on other things.

21st Century TV is getting worse.

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TV is complete trash these days. I was never a TV person but it has gotten really bad! I do tend to unwind with a streaming service from time to time, and have a few shows I watch now. I agree though, 21st Century is the worst. Research "Project Mockingbird" if you want a real eye opener.

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This was such a good read
Covered such a variety of hot topics

For me, twitter and facebook are good only to connect with folks I already know, even if we met on that platform. Both are junk and just steal one's time.

Certainly would not find an entertaining post like this on either one.
Glad there are people such as yourself here on Leofinance.

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Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading :)

Lols... I can't stop laughing at this article even though it is true because I am actually wondering how much time I spend on Twitter. Honestly speaking, it isn't up to 5 minutes and I can go for days/months without login into my tweeter account expects it is to tweet a post, (a contest post precisely). I really do not care what goes on in there because it doesn't add value to me and my time is checked. Just like Facebook, I only go online to drop an important or reply to an important message from someone I don't have their numbers on my contact list.

Twitter isn't to be trusted anyway.

For your tweeter account, I think all you have to do is check the kinda of people you are following may be unfollow some people and stick to the people who give you vital and important information.

The owners have the right to do what they want to do without been questioned.

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Twitter isn't to be trusted anyway.

I don't think any of these social sites are trust worthy.

The owners have the right to do what they want to do without been questioned.

I often wonder about this. Jack Dorsey keeps talking about a decentralized version of Twitter and I wonder if its to protect him and his company from government retribution.

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I often wonder about this. Jack Dorsey keeps talking about a decentralized version of Twitter and I wonder if it's to protect him and his company from government retribution.

Well, I don't know about that but one thing I know is that many owners of sites will do or say anything just to protect their site from the government.


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There's probably some fuckedup shit happening in Hollywood and in the circles of those in power in the shadows behind the presidency, but to state things based on rumors without any clear cut facts is absurd and wrong, I fully agree on that. Whether it's government or anything else, I always ask for the source and do my own research before posing an opinion on the matter.

Locally in my country they don't use twitter as much, but Facebook is very popular. I am still on Facebook though, not to participate, but more to stay aware of what is happening in my country in terms of political, ethical and or religious mindset, so that I am prepared for whatever form of danger could possibly come my way. In that sense, it could be beneficial for us to be on mainstream social media, if only to absorb info from the shadows. And also to promote decentralized platforms like Hive. Oh, Facebook is also a source of comedy for me in terms of foolish people. xD

I already don't own a tv ever since I moved away from my parents and don't plan on getting one, just because it seems like a waste of money and an incentive for thieves. So that's something I guess.


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Mainstream social media can definitely be useful for all those points given.

Facebook can be a source of comedy too. I was at a friends one time and we going through his Facebook and the whole neighborhood was airing their dirty laundry in public. Funny stuff to say the least. I had no idea it was like that.

I'm not a huge TV person either.

Thanks for the Wine! Cheers


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Lol, and often people air their own dirty laundry on Facebook, not caring that it will probably bite them in the ass later on.

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I looked at twatter for about 10 mins last year...it was crap, won't do that again!

Pretty much how I feel about most mainstream social sitees. Felt the same way about Facebook when it first came out and my belief has only grown since 🤣

I was just on there for about 5 minutes and wanted to puke... pretty much done here too.

I hopped on for about 30 seconds to share this link. I'm going to try and limit my Twitter time to less than a couple hours a week now.

Yeah I just removed it from the Home Screen and disabled notifications. Full deletion is next.

I basically use my Twitter to spread the content I write and to connect myself to others Hive users (and that's more than enough).

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I agree. I was spending several hours a day on there. It's a huge distraction too.

It's tempting to give it up. I'd be happier.

I'm in a similar boat. I never cared about social media till here.

I try and only jump on Twitter a couple of times a day and not spend too much time on it. Other times I enjoy being away from it for half a week or longer.

I never feel like I’m missing out when I’m not on it. Which more or less says what I think about it.

For now though it’s where the masses are.

If I had the money I’d be on a self-sufficient island and chuck all my electrics into the ocean and be free.

They do have the masses and that's what gives them all their power and makes them so attractive to most people.

If I had the money I’d be on a self-sufficient island and chuck all my electrics into the ocean and be free.

This sounds better and better to me all the time! I couldn't agree more

Twitter is nothing more than rage porn. I can’t stand the place. But I do have a guilty look from time to time. I deleted all social media accounts other than Twitter. Might as well delete that one too really.

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Twitter is nothing more than rage porn.

I can't believe how easily people are triggered on there nowadays. "Rage Porn" is the perfect term. I was insulated by crypto twitter for the longest time. It's sad that the current political atmosphere has filtered into almost every aspect of our lives and I think that is a big reason for all this. Sticking with crypto topics helps, but it can be cesspool of toxic personalities at times when talking about other subjects.

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I signed up again after getting FOMO as I left twitter for a few months now. But I stayed away again cause I didn't bother to insert the phone number verification; Yeah, no thanks. Do you know there are youtube front-ends that allows you to watch it without sign in to youtube and an ads? it's called Tinvidio.us (they move to newer domain I suppose)and also newpipe. These days it's about who gets to control the network and the way people get an information.

Wow, that's pretty cool. I didn't know about this app https://newpipe.net/ Thanks.

I've been on Twitter much less the last couple days, but really realizing how much time I've spent on there between my phone and computer. It's nice not looking at the phone app every 15 minutes though.

I'm not a huge fan of those phone # verifications either. Not cool at all.

Thanks for the awesome comment and the app info! Loving it. I'll be using that app for sure!

There's also nitter for twitter :) I am someone who enjoys discovering alternative software to try and use. Thanks to my paranoia, since most of these stuff doesn't leave trace or anything. My vice is probably hive, the database of my life xD

My vice is probably hive, the database of my life xD

LOL, Totally agree. One of the things I don't like about blockchain based blogging and social media.


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