Dividends, Interest, Staking and Gas! My Crypto Earnings!

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How much...Every single time!

Every single time I tell people that I've invested in cryptocurrencies they always ask me the same question! "How much have you made?"!

My answer is always the same thing... "I haven't sold any, but if I did I would be in profit"... And this is where most normal people start saying "If you are in profit you should sell! Imagine what you could do with that money! You could buy a car! Imagine that the price goes down and you stop being in profit!"

For some reason, most normal people have a trader's mentality! A mentality of buying to quickly sell higher. Most people don't have an investor's mentality! A mentality of buying and HODLing for years, decades, or never even selling, spending their lives just using dividends or using loans collateralized with assets! That's the investor's mentality! And that's my mentality...

If I sold today I would have 3x my invested fiat! But why would I do this?! Why would I sell a scarce asset (crypto) for inflationary fiat money (euros)! It would make no sense! Euros, dollars, and all fiat currencies are supposed to be used fast. As soon as someone gets fiat they should pay the bills, buy groceries, and, with the extra fiat, either open a high-interest savings account or invest 100% in the market. If the market is in trouble either invest even more to get a better buy-in, or buy gold! This is how fiat money is supposed to be used...but regardless of this!

The important question is: Just going by the dividends, dividend-like mechanisms, or the interest I've earned, how much have I made so far?! How much would I be able to spend without removing any of my invested capital!?


VeChain, VET, is my biggest bag, my first love, and it keeps on giving! It's a blockchain with a two token system where the second token, VTHO, is used for gas. This second token can be more or less generated depending on the utilization of the blockchain... This means that high utilization will increase the VTHO return a VET hodler gets! This return is both in VTHO value and in VTHO generation rate!

I've mostly accumulated VTHO and used it to buy SHA, so far the return VET has given me, just in VTHO gas that I used to buy SHA, is around $270...(price appreciation of SHA included)



On Celsius, any person can create a wallet, go through the KYC, and deposit funds to start earning interest in crypto. What basically happens is that companies, exchanges and normal people can get loans from Celsius putting twice the collateral locked on the app, and they will have to pay everything back plus interest, and what the depositors get is this interest.

I've mostly used the option to earn all the interest in CEL tokens, so the value has also gone up with the price appreciation of CEL! The app has a box that always keeps the interest earned updated! So far, I've earned $197 on Celsius. Not bad for an 8 months average user!


These are my two main ways to earn interest or earn crypto in dividend-like mechanisms. I haven't put Hive in this list because I didn't keep track of my Hive purchases! They haven't been that big so it wouldn't amount to much... most of my Hive and Hive-Engine tokens have been accumulated to creating content and 100% powering up the rewards!

Right now, I'm accumulating crypto on Celsius, mostly BTC, ETH, CEL and BAT, until I'm satisfied with the amount I got or until I feel like I've put too much money in the same basket! There are still many coins out there that might give awesome returns in the near future! I need to get them all... I need to get more cash flow because the STO boom is just around the corner! And when it comes, in my opinion, it's going to be a big boom in crypto! And I'll need huge amounts of cash flow to get even bigger STO bags!

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Question of the day: Do you normally invest in cryptos that give you dividends, gas or interest? What are your favorite ones?

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I like Celsius too. Thats My biggest way to earn crypto.

It's so good! I'm trying to get a good portfolio on Celsius to earn interest for many many years to come!

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and why don't you just hold it in btc?

I like to diversify between many cryptos, especially good low marketcap ones, they are higher risk but also higher reward, my best ROI came from a crypto has was in rank 160 and now is around rank 60!