Crypto CashFlow! Crypto Social Media! How much I've made so far?!

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Need more money!

I think every new investor has this problem, only the investors that were born rich don't have this issue! We all need more money! More money to invest in the projects, more money to buy real estate, more money to travel, more money to start a company, more money!

In the end, the amount of money one has is highly dependent on the cash flow coming in and also on the portion of that cash flow one can save! If a person is earning $1000 and spending $800 per month in groceries, bills, hobbies, etc... only $200 will be left to invest! This is not a huge amount! $200 per month can compound throughout the years, but you know what is better than $200? $400!$600! $1000!!

There are only two things a person can do if the leftover amount that one can use to invest is low... save more and increase the amount of cashflow!

In my last post, I talked about some of the ways that I'm increasing my cashflow! I mainly invest in coins that give me gas and that I believe will be around in 10 or 20 years, I also use interest-earning platforms like Celsius to earn interest on my crypto! In the future, I have many plans to diversify, not only inside crypto but also outside crypto, for example buying real estate, dividend stocks, lending platforms, etc...

This however is not the only way that I'm currently increasing my cashflow!

Crypto Social Media!

I use a lot of crypto social media platforms to earn some crypto! This is the other way that I'm increasing my cashflow, by posting content on different crypto social media websites and getting some crypto back!

I use a lot of different platforms, some are giving better returns than others, but since the content is the same in all platforms the hassle to post in all of them isn't that big.

I also don't normally sell the crypto that I earn through creating content. If it goes to zero it goes to zero, if it goes to a new All-time high I'll think about selling...

Steem, Hive and LeoFinance

Hive is a fork of Steem, some say it's the original Steem... I wouldn't say it's the original Steem, the original Steem was full of mistakes like stake concentration on's wallet, Hive doesn't have this, I see Hive as a much better version of Steem! Regardless of that, I started posting on Steem at the beginning of 2018, went through the whole bear market posting content on Steem, and when the fork happened I decided to stick with Hive and sell all my STEEM...

When I sold all my STEEM for Bitcoin, my STEEM stake was worth around $300, so that's what I made solely on STEEM.

On HIVE my current stake is worth around $370, and I'm not thinking about selling any time soon, I also have some Hive-engine tokens which I'm also not thinking about selling any time soon, my main Hive-engine bag is LEO, which is worth around $112 at current prices.

So, just between writing content on Steem and now Hive I made close to $782, at current prices! Not bad!




Publish0x is a content creation platform more directed towards blogs, it doesn't have its own crypto, but when someone votes for my posts or I vote for someone else's posts I can get either BAT, ETH, LRC or DAI! They are well-known cryptos that I don't mind HODLing for a while.

I haven't socialized as much on Publish0x as I have on Hive, so I haven't created a strong network of people on the platform, but still, I have made a good enough amount of dollars by using Publish0x!

Currently, I've received $44, which is great for a platform that I only started posting recently and that I haven't made that big of an effort to socialize with other people. The crypto distribution that I got:

Even though I don't socialize as much as I do on Hive, Publish0x is one of my favorite places to read content... the amount of in-depth technical knowledge about crypto, programming, EIPs, BIPs, etc... is overwhelming! Something that I haven't seen as much in other content platforms, not even Hive!

If you want to help me out and are not a publish0x user, use this link to register.


Uptrennd is similar to Publish0x in terms of UI, the difference is that they have their own crypto called 1UP.

I've been leveling up on Uptrennd, which consumes 1UP and I've also boosted some posts that consume 1UP, so I can't make an exact estimate of how much I've earned. I'm going to keep leveling up my account until the end of the bull market, only then will I start taking something out.


Crypto platform similar to Twitter or Facebook, they have their own token called ONG. The way it works is quite complex, but there are curation rewards and also rewards from received upvotes. I haven't spent much time on it, just cross-post from Twitter what I tweet.

Same thing as uptrennd, been powering up 100% of my rewards, just yesterday powered up what supposedly was worth $50. My main issue with SoMee is the fact that I have to do KYC to be able to withdraw money. This basically puts a barrier for people to be able to sell their ONG, so those supposedly $50 might be hard and dangerous to retrieve from the app and there might not be enough liquidity in the market for large orders.


I'm going to keep powering up everything I earn on SoMee, if I ever sell it will be at the end of the bull market, and it will be the curation rewards from voting.

This is one that I've only recently started posting on so I can't say much. It's similar to Publish0x, the amount of money I get is proportional to the number of votes I get! I've only posted three times on it and already got $0.5 in BCH, which is great! As soon as I have a good enough bag of BCH on the platform I'll probably transfer it to Celsius to start earning interest on BCH! I don't like selling, even if they are not my favorite coins... who knows where the next breakthrough will come from! It might be BCH, who knows...


Similar to Instagram, but with their own coin called BUZZ, I do enjoy posting here. The UI is quite easy to understand, and since it is very similar to Hive in terms of rewards it wasn't hard for me to understand. What I normally do is cross-post from twitter just like I do with SoMee.

So far I've earned 8.8k BUZZ, which are powered up, this amounts to $16 if sold, it's not much, but it is something...


I'll keep powering up and increasing my bag, maybe the platform will have a future and these $16 can increase a lot in price, and who knows, these 8.8k powered up will give me thousands in curation rewards!

This is a blogging platform that runs on top of eos! One of the developers behind it is a friend of mine. I haven't been posting much there lately, but the rewards are quite good at the moment. They have their own coin called ATMOS and the way to earn on the platform is to get tipped by the users of the platform. A good post makes around 100ATMOS and can also earn other different coins like EOS, Vigor, etc... The 100ATMOS are around $2 right now, but ATMOS just had an amazing pump, so keep that in mind.

So, if I add up the USD value of the platforms that I can actually account for, it comes to around $850! $850 for creating content that I like, content that incentivizes me to learn, to research different techs, different cryptos, different sciences, different topics! To me, this is awesome!

There are quite a few platforms that I still need to give a try, like, twetch, and Appics! And even WordPress, which is not exactly a crypto social network but it could, theoretically, increase my cash flow with ad revenue. But for now, these are the ones that I'm using and that I intend to keep using for a few years. Hopefully, as crypto develops, the price of these tokens will go up, more users will sign up, ad revenue will start buying some of these tokens, and in a couple of years, I might get a lot of cash flow coming from these...

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Question of the day: What other crypto social media platforms do you know about?

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I noticed Blurt was missing from your list. You should have some coins there if you had Steem at the time they took the snapshot. Have you checked it out?

Haven't checked it out, still need to see what they are doing with it, I thought it was a hive-engine token, guess I was wrong... but for some reason I only got 500 Blurt, shouldn't I've received 1 BLURT for each 1 STEEM I had when the fork happened? I had much more STEEM when the fork happened...

Well, regardless of that, not sure if I won't sell my Blurt for some extra Hive... I think it will end up like Whaleshares, totally forgotten and without development, but I can be wrong though.

The aim is to accumulate free crypto and grow your crypto income.

Indeed it is! At least $300 of my BTC porfolio came from my STEEM earnings! And my BAT on Celsius is also increasing with my Publish0x earnings!

It is what I like to see people building their crypto wealth with actions they enjoy.