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RE: What’s happening with Hive ?

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Only one whale bought big in recent times.
That cryptobroker account which is giving back weighted votes. So their strategy is to support the users that are also committed to the platform.

All other whales are doing the opposite.

They dump their rewards faster than they can tell the community to go shill Hive. That's the thing which is clear as day. They won't risk their money (or they would be buying big right now) but are demanding community to try attract others to buy bags.

So push 'free marketing' and dump rewards.

The other thing is that Hive has no roadmap, no branding, no team image, no leaders representing as the face of Hive, no business sense. No real vision beyond hype and spin doctors which are only preaching to the choir.

Not saying this is a dying chain but soon enough those points above will need to be corrected because you either shape up or ship out. If new heads rise and take on the task of development then at least they learn from those mistakes and don't repeat them again and again.

Depending on dapps is not the solution.
Developing a complete toolset for dapps is still yet to be achieved here.


Whales dumped their hive when it hit 90 cents. That was the time to exit. Oh well.

Yeah that was inevitable but I'm talking about the selling that they do on a regular basis. If you look through the wallets you can see them sending to exchanges consistently. That shows that they're here just milking the rewards.

Anyway token price isn't that important.

The other points I made are what need to be addressed. This Blockchain game is barely an infant crawling, there's many years yet until it's walking around so I wouldn't panic but at some point things need to get organised or other chains might figure out how to take that big slice of users from regular web. Even heads here agree, first mover usually reigns supreme when they put forward a superior system.

Another Blockchain has already fixed all the problems.

Which one?
There's many Blockchains doing social but they're all too simple.

Blurt !

You can't claim a clone of the same thing is going to succeed over the other clones.

Tell me why it's superior then?

Just a hunch.

Lol then that's nothing.
Your post is about why the price of Hive is dropping so you can't claim something else is superior due to "a hunch."