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RE: Number of Hive Active Users by Different Operations | Posting, Curating, Transfers and Custom JSON Operations

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What is your definition of
Engaged and Active?

I see here a football field with many kicking a ball around. Sure some may cross into the net region. But an actual game of said sport, with top management, that presents itself as a successful and winning team.

It be not.


Here are few things:

  1. and other hive interfaces are open 24/7 on my pc and mobile
  2. I post few time per week and comment every day
  3. I play two hive games (Splinterlands and dCity) daily
  4. I constantly chat in different hive discord groups
  5. I'm on hive twitter

Many others do the same.

But that's essentially "behind closed doors"
I'm taking about the element that stands out to anyone observing this.
Zero comments on most posts and also those reports show that you, despite what you do, and despite doing it with your friends..
Are the exception.

Yet you all try to find new ways to "onboard masses" but not one person wants to admit that this is THE flaw of this place. It's also something that just does not say "this is future of social" or "future web 3.07"

That's why it's a cult.
Once committed.
You don't know what reality is anymore.

I think you are exaggerating with your cult talk.

Each crypto has this tribalism so to speak.

I don't know where hive is going or what is the future for it. I have not claimed it to know. Nobody can tell that... it may be gone in a year. The same goes for Bitcoin.
It also might be up x50 in a year.

What I know is that I have been more than 4 years in crypto, and at the beginning, not on hive/steem ... and this place somehow drag me into the rabit hole. That is certain.

This being said, since you seem to have an objective grasp of reality, please enlight us with your knowledge and perspective and explain what is the future of hive, bitcoin and all thing...


Also I'm not just about slapping hivers in the face with the negatives.
There's much positive in community here.
But the ideas for improvement are lacking creatine thinking. The Twitter initiative for instance. Poor attractor. Nothing more.

I have ideas that could put hive on platforms like tiktokv and Instagram. It doesn't involve promising 1 cent rewards. It's about expose of talent here. Not at all about money but recognition, which then makes the platform worth investing in.

Because see I had high hopes for steemit. Wanted to add content but after researching and realising.. I did not proceed. It was everything though. But then it wasn't.

Reality too is I see 2024-26 as when Blockchain will go critical mass.
The systems at present aren't ready for mass. So the ideas are pointless to try push.

Internet and virtuality if only just getting started. This here isn't the next gen.
It's just a fun thing that can make you some money. If you're a shark can make a lot. Masses here sardines though. Which is why sharks feed well.