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RE: Leofinace : The Initiative Of 10

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I like this idea, I hope it gains traction. I'm going to try 5 or more a day and 10 on the weekends and see how that goes. I'm really busy at work and can't play on the computer so I will do what I can.

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Thanks for the comment @tbnfl4sun.

I understand that some have work issues making a time constraint. Nevertheless, it is good to have a goal and yours seems reasonable.

Glad you are trying to help our numbers.

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It's the least I can do after seeing people like yourself spending so much time here adding value to our ecosystem and investment here on hive and Leo!

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We all should be doing what we can. I am fortunate I probably have more time than most people.

The key is for many to do what they can as opposed to a few people do it all.

Online the numbers game is where it is at. More activity is spurred on by large numbers of users. Until the users show up, it is up to us to add in the areas that we feel we can contribute.

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