Wealthy Focus Upon Worth Everyone Else On Income

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How much are you paid? What is your income? How much money do you make?

These are commonly asked questions. People are often focused upon how much they are making.

The answers to these questions tend to be popping up some number such as $50K per year.

When looking for a job, one of the top requirements is the salary/wage paid.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong path. It certainly is not the way the wealthy look at things.


Forbes puts out an annual list of The Richest People in the world. It is not a list of the highest income earners. In fact, how much these people make in salary is secondary to what their worth is.

Which brings up the question, why are we so concerned with how much we are making as opposed to the change in our net worth is?

Of course, income ties into net worth since it is through the money we earn that we are able to invest and put our money to work. At the same time, since almost all of us are concerned about paying our bills, income is vital in that endeavor.


Do you recognize this guy? Of course, it is Elon Musk who is the top shareholder of Tesla, among other companies.

Here is the major question: how much does Musk earn at Tesla in salary?

The answer is that it does not matter. Whatever it is, it is secondary to what his wealth appreciation is from the company. According to Bloombergs Billionaire's Index, Musk is now the 4th richest person in the world with a total of $105 billion.


Notice how his net worth went up by over $77 billion this year. Nowhere is there any mention of Musk's, or anyone else on the list, salary.

It is clear, people like this are not concerned with income. At this level, it is net worth that matters.

Naturally, they are operating in a much different realm than the rest of us. However, the lessons could be applicable to all of us. While we are concerned about paying our bills, true financial freedom comes from developing our net worth. That is what the richest people in the world focus upon.

I use a photo at the end of my posts that says "Vision 2025". This is a reminder, to me, to look at this as a long-term project. Hive is still rather young, along with all of blockchain, which means there is a long path forward.

It is over that time, that I will be looking for my own personal net worth to increase as tokens/coins I accumulated garner more activity and, hopefully, value.

Therefore, while income is vital for our survival, perhaps it is best to keep at least one eye on our net worth.

After all, it is what the wealthy do.

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This is precisely why I'm a bit obsessed with an off-grid lifestyle - I just think a few acres of fertile land has so much value, not necessarily dollar value, but basic needs resource value: water, food, energy, obviously shelter, all of these I can get from some land!

Bit of a different take, but it's probably the easiest way the poor can think in terms of value rather than income!

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Nothing more than another form of cutting overhear. It is similar to the minimalist lifestyle where one is on grid but does not over exposure oneself through that which does not have value to them. More stuff, at best, provides temporary satisfaction.

There are many way to approach the situation but in the end it all leads to the same thing.

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You shared great thoughts here. Looking at the Richlist, I see technology on the top 4 slots. These tech niches are never get-rich-quick schemes, rather, a team that have grown organically over the years and has significantly added value to humanity.

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Technology is certainly the road to wealth.

Actually, if you look at many of the people on there, even though they are not listed as technology, their wealth is growing due to it. The Walton family is a prime example. Wal-Mart decided in 2015 that to compete with Amazon, it was going to have to tech out the company. Over the last 5 years, they did that.

Wal-Mart is excelling in a world that is dominated by Amazon due to technology. I think we will see a lot more of that.

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I appreciate the logic you manifest behind the wealthiest.
On the other hand when you have to worry about your monthly
bills, your intellect deprives you of thinking that way.
Crypto can tickle that part of our brain and see long term.
This is the gift we have left over through the blockchain.


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The advantage to crypto, if we are paying the bills via a job, crypto can be the basis for our net worth growth. This is really advantageous considering the returns in crypto can be so large.

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Yes but your LEO alone will buy you LAMBOS!!

You are LEO rich

LEO is going to grow a lot of people's net worth I do believe. Loading up on this one was a good idea.

It will not be, however, the last one. There will be others coming down the road. It looks like getting some of the BRO was also a good choice. Started at 2, now at 5.

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well that how the world and mu own relative think of me they ask how much you make not how much you own if I say own then it's more then what I earn because I invest most of my earning for future income

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