Sign Of The Future: The Smart Mirror

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Many people cite the flying vehicle as the sign of the future they are looking for. Long talked about in Sci-Fi books and films, the flying car is something that many promised over recent decades. Yet, as of this time, it still remains elusive. While many companies are working on them, the question of when, or if, we see them is still up in the air.

To me, flying cars never interested me. I think they rather bland since we already have helicopters that fulfill a similar purpose. At the same time, the promise of flying cars is that we move two dimensional traffic to a third one. This, however, is not novel since we already have bridges and tunnels that accomplish a similar thing. Hyperloop and tunneling hold greater promise in my opinion. I also cannot see a world where tens of thousands of vehicles are traveling overhead, risking falling piece on people.

Instead, I look at the future as being symbolized by the smart mirror. This is really the step forward where I will say the "future arrived" when homes are being outfitted with this.


What is a smart mirror? Basically it is a fully intelligent device that provides all information we need the second we step in front of it.

A smart mirror will be part entertainment, part informational, and part diagnostic. It will first serve as a health device where it monitors many of the vitals we have. Health monitoring AI will use the cameras to scan our bodies, producing instantaneous data about our condition.

At the same time, we will be able to access all the information that we presently do through a smart phone or laptop. Whether it is our daily schedule, the news, email, or social media, all of this will appear upon our summoning it.

Of course, we will be able to access whatever entertainment we desire. When getting ready, we can play our favorite music tracks or catch the highlights of a ball game. All of this will be subject to our command.

Some of the more interesting features will come with the combination to virtual reality. For example, if we need an outfit for a particular event, our personal AI assistant can pick a few out. We can "try the items on" by standing in front of the mirror and it will show us in each one. Once deciding, the purchase is made with the item delivered to our home without any human interaction.

For those without great fashion sense, our smart mirror will be able to garner feedback from some of the best fashion minds there are. Each outfit can be analyzed and rated as to what looks the best on us. This will help to alleviate those embarrassing moments where we wear something that is completely inappropriate for our complexion (as an example).


What would the future be if the smart mirror was similar to how they are today? The smart mirror will have a camera configuration which will allow a 360% view of ourselves. Do you want to know what your butt looks like in those jeans? No more contouring of the body to try and get a glimpse.

Since it will have virtual capabilities, most anything is possible. Is there a particular hairstyle you are thinking about? Try it on to see how it looks. If it is something you like, save it for later access by the hairdresser. We can do the same thing if we are thinking of growing a mustache, goatee, or beard.

Ultimately, the smart mirror is a gateway to the digital world. Since this is a part of Web 3.0, we can see how this item epitomizes the convergence of our physical, digital, and biological world. This is an important step for humanity.

Hopefully all the data tied to the smart mirror is owned and controlled by us. Failure for that to happen could create a future that we will not be too happy with.

Nevertheless, when this arrives, then I will believe the "future is here".

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Do you want to know what your butt looks like in those jeans?

Some things are best left unknown.

Alas, that is true.

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I've always though of installing a smart mirror in the bathroom and I might do it in the future. I need to remake the bathroom so aiming for some HI TECH in there would be a nice touch.

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